Sunday, February 20

Product Review: Organics by Africa's Best Olive Oil Deep Conditioner

After the way my hair was feeling last night/this morning I was in definite need of a deep conditioner. In my review about the Creme of Nature I described my washing process. After I washed out the conditioner, I squeezed some of the excess water out of my hair with my towel. Slathered some of this on my hair and sectioned parts to make sure that there was some applied throughout my hair. Ok, granted I squeezed the rest of my Aussie deeep conditioner in there because it was taking up room. There was barely enough to cover one section of hair so I don't think it altered the effects of the Organics deep conditioner. The smell is kind of like a fruity smell, to me it is at least. Thick consistency, light greenish color. I left it in for like 2 1/2 hours because I honestly felt like my hair needed it. After I washed it out, my hair felt SO soft. It might be because of the combined usage of the Creme of Nature and the deep conditioning, but either way I love the way it made my hair feel. This will get a follow up review as well. Won't be giving it a rating until after I use it again.

Description: Fortified and enriched with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organics by Africa's Best Olive Oil Deep Conditioner goes beyond conditioning by reaching a higher level of Hair Moisturizing, Strengthening and Revitalizing. Formulated with the age old properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organics By Africa's Best helps to Strengthen Damaged, Over-Processed Hair and Revitalize Weak, Fragile Hair. Regular use leaves hair Soft, Silky and Healthy looking as never before. Excellent for all hair types including natural, pressed, texturized or color-treated hair.

Conditioning Treatment Directions: For best results, use Organics By Africa's Best Olive Oil Shampoo. After rinsing shampoo, gently massage a generous amount of Organics Olive Oil Deep Conditioner evenly into hair from roots to ends. For extra conditioning, cover hair with plastic cap for 10 minutes. Rinse hair thoroughly with warm and desired as desired.

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*stacie-ann said...

i use paul mitchell. i use those "traditional" black girl hair products too but PM does it for me.... hey thanks for your comment on my blog! come back soon!! :)