Thursday, June 16

New colors.

These are the two colors that I'm getting my hair on Saturday. I liked being a red head and I liked being burgandy so I decided to get the top burgandy and the bottom red lol. I can't even lie, I'm still iffy about how they're going to look together. I originally planned on getting the red that I used when I first started dying my hair, but they discontinued that color so I was stuck scrambling to find another red. I could have gotten a completely different shade of red, however on the back of the box with the color swatches and how it will look depending on your natural hair color, the red doesn't look too noticeable (at least to me anyway) and that's why I chose it or it looks like a darker shade of burgandy so I figured why not try it out.

I know people are iffy about box dyes, but I've had not one problem with box dyes since I started dying my hair 4 years ago. I still have a head full of thick hair, my curls still come back after I wash. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with how I've taken care of it after the initial color. I don't remember if I wash with shampoo, (but I'm pretty sure I will since I'll be wearing it straight for a few days and will have a LOT of product build up), but I know I condition and do a deep condition. I probably won't do a hot oil treatment until the second wash. I would do it the first wash, but I don't know if they hot oil treatment and deep conditioner would counter act in someway, so I'm just gonna play it safe. I pretty much do that and have no problem with my hair being like extra dry and all that other stuff.

Soo yeah, here's the colors. Loreal Feria Deep Burgandy R37 and it's a "warmer" color along with SoftSheen Carson Hi Rez Hair color in number 64 Scarlet Splash.

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