Sunday, July 31

I can do....WHAT?!

So, I mentioned in a recent post that I was tired of wearing my curly puff or whatever and was looking for different styles to try. (I'm still youtubing it up trying to find styles that I can share, but I always get sidetracked when I go on there lol. I have a few possibilities). After I got my hair trimmed and "layered", I wasn't able to put my hair into a bun. All the hair just wouldn't fit and it kinda made me upset because that was like the one hair style I could do on the regular and not have to worry about anything. I added product on damp hair, put it up and left it alone until it felt dry. I would then take it down and moisturize and seal and put it right back up. That was my never fail, always go to hairstyle during the semester and I almost had a heart attack when I seen that I couldn't do it any more! But guess what :) I have successfully put my hair back in a bun and everything looks "neat"! Ok so not exactly "neat" but it looks neat enough lol. The back is like straight and curly, with the straight pieces being my heat damage and the curly pieces being everything else. I'm like SUPER excited about that.

I think I'm going to wear this style maybe...3-4 days out of the week because I've noticed that I manipulate my hair too much. I've been losing a lot of hair lately (breakage) and I realized that I was co washing or wetting my hair everyday pretty much. Since I start a 1 week class tomorrow, I'm going to only take my hair down twice a day (morning and night) to only moisturize and seal. That's it. I'm going to co wash Wednesday or Thursday depending on how my hair feels and we'll see how that works out. I'm still trying to get rid of some products so I'm still mixing and matching to see what works well together and what doesn't. What seemed to work well last night when I was detangling was Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme and Shea Butter. I completely forgot about my shea butter and it's basically like the whole container left, so I'm going to start using it more often :)

I was gonna add some pictures but I guess I'll do that tomorrow since I already put my scarf and everything on lol. Hope you guys had an awesome weekend <3

UPDATE: I really can't take good pictures of my own hair (obviously) but this is the best I could do lol. This was after I got home from class and I got caught in the train so it looks a little..rough? haha. I just wanted to show that I could actually get it in a bun period. It looks anorexic but I'm gonna work on that definitely.


Adina Renée. said...

I need to get some hair tips from you.

Teesha said...

Tell me what your issues are and I will try my best to help you out :)