Monday, August 15

Operation Banding.

I decided to straighten my hair 2 weeks ago because I was going out of town and thought it would be better to just throw my hair up in a bun everyday and not have to worry about wetting it in the extremely small showers that were available to us. Little did I know, it definitely wouldn't work like that lol. I ended up washing my hair last Wednesday and left it alone until I got back home Friday night/early Saturday morning. I co washed Saturday because I was expecting to go to my friends graduation party, but I ended up falling asleep smh. I deep conditioned Sunday (yesterday) and decided to try something a little different. I heard a lot about banding as a way of stretching your curls during wash and go's and as a mean of straightening your hair without heat (so you won't have to blow dry pretty much). I rinsed out the deep conditioner, conditioned, washed that out and let my hair t-shirt dry for about 10-15 minutes. I separated my hair into sections, applied some Cantu leave in, sealed with shea butter and started banding my little heart out lol. I made a pony tail with an elastic and banded down the length of my hair with these stretchy black rubber bands. I left those in for at least 3 hours because I ended up falling asleep again lol. When I took them out, the roots were still a little damp but the rest of the hair was dry. I removed all the bands, combed through with a wide tooth comb and I was left with a huge afro :) Right now my hair is back in a huge puff ball, I think I'm gonna leave it like this for the rest of the week. I plan on getting micros next week so I'm just not gonna bother doing a lot to my hair. I consider it as a "pre-break" before the break lol.

If you are looking for a way to get an afro without the heat, I would recommend banding. It's fairly painless (if you don't put them in too tight at the scalp) and they're pretty easy to sleep in. I'm going to be doing this a lot more often and I'm definitely going to try it the next time I decide to straighten my hair. The number of sections you do is completely up to do, but I would suggest if you have thick hair then you do it in larger sections. The only thing with larger sections in that it may take a little longer to dry. I would rather take a longer drying time over heat damage any day.

Please excuse the flatness in the back lol. I had an orthodontist appointment earlier and forgot to refluff after I got out of the chair.

A little view of the texture and my color in the back.

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