Sunday, August 28

Right now: Mission impossible.

My semester for school started this past Monday and it has been hectic to say the least. I'm taking 3 business courses, along with a college algebra class that is currently kicking my butt lol. I haven't taken an algebra class since my first year of school when I went to Toledo and that was 3 years ago. I tried to go to the tutors but tutoring doesn't start until tomorrow so I thought I was pretty much screwed lol. Until I actually looked on the website where we turn our homework in and seen that I could get help on there. More about my school woes on Tumblr tho lol.

As far as my hair goes, I can't remember how many times I've washed my hair this week lol. I wanna say at least once maybe twice. Although my classes don't start until 11 on most days, I'm not willing to wake up early enough to wash my hair so it can be mostly dry by the time I start class. My hair has been behaving though for the most part. I'm using a little more gel than I usually do, but other than that everything is fine. EXCEPT, I find my hair getting a little on the dry side. It's the ends that are just starving for attention! I know I can baggy and all that other stuff, but when I do, my curls aren't as defined as they are when I don't baggy. I'm going to try using the Shea Moisture curl defining cream stuff and sealing with olive oil or something. If that does't work, then I'm gonna have to dig through my products and see what else I can combine together.

As far as growth goes, I guess everything is growing normally lol. I'm still concerned about the amount of hair I lose during co wash day so I have to make sure that I actually take more time detangling my hair before I wash. I'm not planning on straightening my hair again until it gets a little cooler, so I'm gonna say mid September..if I don't get braids that is. I know I said I wanted to get a sew in, but right now, that's just like completely out of my budget. I do wanna get one though, maybe I'll get one during the winter or something. I'm still trying to get one sometime before the year is out!

Another thing I'm trying right now is going a week without deep conditioning. At this point I don't know if deep conditioning is really benefiting me in the long run or if it's all in my mind. Today was my deep condition day but I already washed my hair and it's already styled for the next few days, so I'm gonna write down everything I do with my hair for the day and how it feels/react to it.

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