Saturday, September 24

Excessive. Shedding.

I've been like SWAMPED with homework oh em gee, let me tell you guys. I'm taking 3 business classes and a math class (that's all dealing with numbers) and I get like tons of homework each class! Because of this, I've been stressing out and it's been leading to my excessive shedding. I wore my hair straight for about 2 weeks (initially straightened about a month ago I guess) and during the second of my straight hair I've noticed that I've been shedding like a lot more than I usually do. I pre poo'ed (another entry on that) and shampooed, conditioned and deep conditioned and did my usual hair thing. My hair just kept shedding. Today when I co-washed. I lost so much hair that I'm pretty sure I would be bald if I had thin hair. Like the amount of hair I lost was ridiculous. I decided to do a hard protein treatment since I haven't done one in quite some months. I decided to do an egg protein treatment. I youtube'd some techniques to apply and what to add or whatever and I decided to just use two eggs. I put that in (made a complete mess in the bathroom too I may add) put a plastic cap over my head and left it in for..10 minutes. I'm protein sensitive and I already knew that my hair would just hate me afterwards but I was originally going to do a deep condition after that so some of the moisture would be added back to my hair. I washed that, co-washed again to make sure I got all of the eggs out of my hair then deep conditioned. I've noticed that when I washed out the eggs and the deep conditioner, hardly any hair came out. I detangled, left some of my conditioner in and decided to do something different. I don't feel like doing my hair much during the week because of my homework and because of my lack of time, so I coated my hair with Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, paying special attention to the ends and put my hair in a low ponytail. After it was in a pony, I sealed with my castor oil/EVOO mixture and flipped my hair up to put it in a bun (kinda hard to is in a bun tho lol). Hopefully this style lasts all week. I might take it down on Monday to moisturize and seal again depending on how it feels, but other than that I plan on leaving it alone. I'm trying to stop stressing out so I can stop losing so much hair. I've never lost this much hair all at once in my life except for after I took my sew in out and got rid of all the shed hair. I'll try to update more often though, I have so much stuff I could have updated on over the weeks :-\

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