Saturday, September 10

Nothing Hair Related.

I was just super stoked about the earrings that my mom bought me yesterday that I had to share somewhere lol. I'm usually the girl that wears hoops all the time. Big or small, it doesn't matter. I don't know what the saying is about girls that wear hoop earrings, but I wear big hoops when I have my hair down, a sew in or micros. I feel like I need to have my hair down or a lot of hair in order for hoops to look right on me. Anywho, these earrings were like 3 bucks and I need some variety in my life right now so that's why I picked them out :) I hope to find some rings and cool bracelets soon. I feel like my brain wants me to "grow up" when it comes to my "style" so here's a small start.

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