Sunday, December 11

No more curly puff?

If you have been following my blog and my "hair journey", you would know that my curly puff is like one of my favorite hairstyles. It's easy to do, doesn't require a lot if effort and took like 2 minutes to do including applying products and putting it up. Now that my hair has grown a little bit, it just doesn't look...right. I've always worn my puffs more on the top of my head rather than the middle because to me, wearing it at the top gave me the perfect round shape that I like so much when it comes to my puffs. (Lopsided puffs annoy me so much. It's one of my natural hair pet peeves lol). I cowashed and deep conditioned, scrunched in my products and pushed it into my puff.. My right side shrinks up.more than my left, this heat damage is just like o_O. Im trying to let it grow out and continue to cut it as it grows out but it puts a damper on my styles that I do or attempt to do. I was thinking about cutting it off to get it out of the way but that would essentially give me bangs again and its not something I want right now. Bangs are how I got the heat damage in the first place. As of right now, I really don't know what Im going to do. However I am researching styles on YouTube and try them out over the Christmas break since I pretty much don't have anything to do. I want to see how much growth I can get this winter first then see how much I can grow and retain by July 2012!

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