Sunday, July 31

I can do....WHAT?!

So, I mentioned in a recent post that I was tired of wearing my curly puff or whatever and was looking for different styles to try. (I'm still youtubing it up trying to find styles that I can share, but I always get sidetracked when I go on there lol. I have a few possibilities). After I got my hair trimmed and "layered", I wasn't able to put my hair into a bun. All the hair just wouldn't fit and it kinda made me upset because that was like the one hair style I could do on the regular and not have to worry about anything. I added product on damp hair, put it up and left it alone until it felt dry. I would then take it down and moisturize and seal and put it right back up. That was my never fail, always go to hairstyle during the semester and I almost had a heart attack when I seen that I couldn't do it any more! But guess what :) I have successfully put my hair back in a bun and everything looks "neat"! Ok so not exactly "neat" but it looks neat enough lol. The back is like straight and curly, with the straight pieces being my heat damage and the curly pieces being everything else. I'm like SUPER excited about that.

I think I'm going to wear this style maybe...3-4 days out of the week because I've noticed that I manipulate my hair too much. I've been losing a lot of hair lately (breakage) and I realized that I was co washing or wetting my hair everyday pretty much. Since I start a 1 week class tomorrow, I'm going to only take my hair down twice a day (morning and night) to only moisturize and seal. That's it. I'm going to co wash Wednesday or Thursday depending on how my hair feels and we'll see how that works out. I'm still trying to get rid of some products so I'm still mixing and matching to see what works well together and what doesn't. What seemed to work well last night when I was detangling was Hollywood Beauty Carrot Creme and Shea Butter. I completely forgot about my shea butter and it's basically like the whole container left, so I'm going to start using it more often :)

I was gonna add some pictures but I guess I'll do that tomorrow since I already put my scarf and everything on lol. Hope you guys had an awesome weekend <3

UPDATE: I really can't take good pictures of my own hair (obviously) but this is the best I could do lol. This was after I got home from class and I got caught in the train so it looks a little..rough? haha. I just wanted to show that I could actually get it in a bun period. It looks anorexic but I'm gonna work on that definitely.

Tuesday, July 26

Product Review: Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Creme

I deep conditioned Saturday night/Sunday morning with the Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque and left it in overnight and washed it out in the morning. It nothing spectacular. In fact it felt ultra dry maybe 15 minutes after I rinsed it out. I don't really care for that deep conditioner after this last use. I may try to use up the last bit of the jar as a leave in conditioner or something, but as far as it being a deep conditioner for me, that's a no go.

So, because I felt like my hair was so dry and thirsty, (yes the thirst is real), I decided that I would do another deep condition with the Hollywood Beauty. This is the second time using it (I think) and didn't really have a lot to say about it besides the fact that it has a weird consistency and smells REALLY sweet like gummy bears. I honestly don't remember how it made my hair felt lol so that's probably why I didn't do an initial product review on it.

Directions: For quick conditioning while in the shower, shampoo and rinse hair. Apply a generous amount of Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol to hair and scalp. Leave on for two minutes and rinse hair thoroughly. For deep conditioning and improved shine add a few drops of Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil to the Cholesterol before applying to hair. Wrap hair in a moist towel for 5-10 minutes, then rinse hair thoroughly.

I left it in for about an hour without heat or a cap or anything and rinsed it out. My hair felt VERY soft and moisturized. Rinsed out without a problem and the smell lingers...for a while actually. So if you don't mind smelling like gummy bears, then I'm sure you would enjoy this deep conditioner lol. I give this a 4 out of 5 stars, 4 because the smell sometimes irritates my nose. I'm not sure where I purchased this at, but judging from the type or price sticker it was probably a beauty supply store. It was 3.49 for a 20 oz jar :)

Olive Cholesterol Deep Conditioner

Saturday, July 16

Small hiatus.

Well it's not really a "hiatus", I probably won't be near a computer for the next week. I would bring my hooptie laptop with me, but I'm not gonna feel like lugging it around, especially with the charger since I have yet to get a new battery, so it stays on the charger.

I should start posting again Monday the 25th. Hopefully I'll have lots of pictures and of course I'm gonna ramble a little bit about where I'm disappearing to for a week and what I did with my hair everyday :)


Friday, July 8

Product Review: Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1

Photo courtesy of Amazon

To be completely honest, I had no intentions on buying this product at all. I've read some reviews about it on hair message boards, good things I may add, but I just had no desire to try it. I took a stop into Sally's last week and seen this in the "black section" and decided to give it a try. It's actually the first time I've even came across it I think. I don't remember seeing it in the Sally's that are in my area. Let me start by saying that I am SO glad that I picked up this product.

On the front under the title it says: "Moisturizes hair, strengthens, defines curls, softens hair, adds shine, soothes dry scalp, reduces breakage for healthy braids, repairs chemical damage, non-greasy, no drip, detangles, increases body, thermal protection".
The back description states: "Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1 is the very best product for protecting and maintaining your hairstyle. This versatile product can be used as a curl activator and moisturizer on natural curls and perm waved hair and a leave-in conditioner for relaxed, natural and braided hair. This non-greasy, non-staining formula helps to soften and detangle hair while soothing the scalp and healing abrasions leaving a vibrant sheen".
The directions states: "Hold bottle about 12 inches away from hair and spray evenly. Massage into hair and scalp and style. For curly hair and braids use daily. On relaxed or straight hair use prior to drying".

I guess this is one of the few products where I actually semi follow the directions that are printed on the labels lol. I don't spray it in my hand however because I think that since it isn't a liquid that it doesn't spray evenly, it sprays in a concentrated area.

It is moisturizing, very moisturizing. It eliminates me having to use gel to slick down the front when I wear puffs and leaves my ends soft when I co wash. In a past post, I've mentioned about how my ends are always..crunchy feeling after I leave the conditioner in (I've realized that it's only with Aussie Moist and I realized that I'll have to watch how much I leave in afterwards)but, that problem is not a big issue anymore if I used this immediately after washing. After I detangle with a wide tooth comb with the conditioner still in, I flip my head over and scrunch it on my ends as if I was applying some gel or mousse. After that I use whatever I'm using to hold my puff for the day, put it to how I want it and spray a pump of the Hawaiian Silky and smooth the front and back and give a quick brush. After I take my scarf off, the edges are slicked but not with the "waxy" look the gel tends to give after drying. My ends are soft to the touch, and the heat damaged part in the front of my head from when I have bangs are...WAVY! With other products that part just..doesn't cooperate duh because it's head damaged. But with Hawaiian Silky it gets wavy and starts to curl up which I get so excited about lol. I can't really describe the smell, is has kind of a perfumey type smell to it but it's not too overpowering or anything, it's tolerable.

I love this product A LOT. I've been using it everyday and just fall so in love with all over again. I'm planning on straightening my hair next week (so much for a heat free summer, right?) and I'm going to use it as a leave in before I blow dry and flat iron so I'll be doing an update sometime next week telling you guys about how it worked out on wet hair without any conditioner. Overall, I would give this product a 4.5 outta 5 stars and I would HIGHLY recommend it to people who have problems with dry hair. Again I got this from Sally's and it was $5.99 which isn't too bad for a 16 fl oz bottle.

Tuesday, July 5

Product Review: Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque

I've had this for a WHILE and I do mean a few months and it's a shame that I'm just now getting around to using it. On the top of the jar, it says "Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque with Sea Kelp, Argan Oil and Shea Butter". Under that it says "Dry, damaged hair, Heal, grow and strengthen".

It's kinda hard to find the directions on Shea Moisture products because they're labeled as "directions" or "how to use" or anything like that like most of the other hair care products are labeled. On the label it says: "Our all natural intense treatment masque deeply penetrates to moisturize and repair over-processed, dry, brittle or damaged hair. Leave on hair for 5-30 minutes, then thoroughly rinse, or leave in hair and use as a frizz-free moisturizing styling cream".

When I first picked up this product from Walgreens, I was originally going to use it as a leave in. I still thought of using it as a leave in until I remembered that it was a deep conditioner lol. When I used it this morning, I had already styled my hair with water and put my Dr. Miracle's on my edges and all that other stuff. Then I remembered that I didn't deep condition this week so I would go ahead and do that. (I sprayed a little Hawaiian Silky on it to lay my edges down too btw). I parted in 4 sections, wet my hair and applied. When I was applying, my hands felt sticky-ish. Granted it might have been from the product that was already left in, but when I used it as a leave in I didn't remember it as being sticky at all. After I applied to all four sections, I let it sit in the clips for about 30 minutes. Normally I would have left it in for at least an hour, but this deep conditioner made me want to wash it out like 5 minutes after I put it in. I need to deep condition though, especially since I just dyed my hair so I stuck it out and kept it in for 30 minutes.

When I rinsed it out, my hair felt.. a little on the dry side. Usually when I wash out any deep conditioner it feels some what moisturized, but not with this one. This is my initial product review and I'll do a part when I try it on wet hair immediately after washing.

I don't think I would use this on dry hair. I used to deep condition on dry hair when I straightened my hair all the time and never had any problems. But this is a no go for me on dry hair.

My hair wasn't "clean" meaning I didn't co wash before putting it on, so the product I already had in might have interfered.

Left my hair a little on the dry side after rinsing out.

Photo courtesy of

Friday, July 1

New colors

Just a few pictures of my new color. I've been doing pretty good with not wearing headbands, there's been maybe 3 days within the last few weeks when I put on a headband.

Bantu Knot out the day before I washed my hair.



My hair hasn't really been like ultra dry or anything since coloring. The only thing it's been doing is bleeding color, I've messed up about 2 towels and 2 hand towels lol. My color has always bled, it doesn't really bother me. It's just something that I've gotten used to lol. My color still lasted a lot longer than it's supposed to so I have no complaints :) I do love my colors though. I can't break away from red and burgundy right now lol. They're my babies.