Wednesday, February 22

Random Hair pics

Just some random hair pictures from when I straightened my hair back in January.

I've recently become obsessed with the "ninja bun" or whatever you want to call it. I think they're like the cutest thing and it's a style that will help me keep my hands out of my head when my hair is straight. So back in January when I last straightened my hair, I decided not to do any "curly" styles to it, just wanted to see if this style would turn out correctly for me and look right on me, and here it is :) I YouTube'd tutorials or whatever because I wanted to see a few different ways it could be done. The first pic is with flash and the second pic is without. (Still LOVE my colors, can't wait for another dye jobbbbb oh em gee!!!)

I have some pictures from when I tried out the Miss Jessies but I don't think I can find those out the moment. I really don't want to do it over again so I'm gonna search thru the millions of pictures on my laptop. 

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