Tuesday, March 27

Hair Observations

After starting my personal hair growth challenge (Coconut Oil Challenge) last week, I've noticed a few things that probably should have been like common sense, but didn't cross my mind until later on in the week lol.

  • I completely understand now why I should shampoo when I wash the coconut oil out.  I guess this is or could be considere as a "pre poo" as well as a deep conditioner.  If you're familiar with pre-pooing, you're basically doing the same exact thing, except with coconut oil.  My hair was greasy. When my hair is greasy, nothing turns out correctly. I did a twist out and it was like complete crap.  My heat damaged pieces were a lot more frizzier than usual and my hair definitely hates the fact that I didn't washout enough coconut oil.  So yes, I am going to start shampooing my scalp when I rinse out the coconut oil. I'm only going to shampoo once though, as opposed to twice as stated in the challenge rules.
  • Speaking of heat damage, it's really starting to get on my LAST nerves.  I can't even remember how long ago I had bangs lol so it sucks that I'm still dealing with the heat damage.  I'm planning on getting at trim at the end of April (as I've probably stated a million times before), so I've decided that I'm going to get like 2-2 1/2 inches cut off my bangs.  When I go get my color in late May/early June (possibly), I'll cut some more off depending on how much growth I have.  I figured I would cut them soon since I plan on being curly this summer, and my hair grows A LOT during the summer, so they should be grown out by September-October.
  • I'm still shedding...kinda badly. Not as bad as it was last semester when I was stressed out to the max, but it's enough for me to be concerned about.  I bought an ORS replenishing pack for a protein treatment, so I'm fully prepared to do one if the coconut oil doesn't help with the shedding (which it should).

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