Wednesday, March 21

Personal Coconut Oil Challenge

I browse the Hairlista site probably at least weekly, checking up on new "challenges" I could do for myself or looking at the product reviews that the members post. I don't remember if I mentioned a few months ago that I purchased some coconut oil for GNC and I used it once in the winter time and I didn't like how it made my hair hard in the cold. This was before I knew that it would harden in cold temperatures. Like I knew that it would be a solid, but I didn't think it would harden up in my hair as well lol. I put it away and told myself that I would revisit it when the weather broke and it got warm. Well, that time is now :) I came back from spring break to an EXTREMELY hot room, put my clothes and hair products away and I seen the jar of coconut oil sitting in my storage bin. So I was like hm, I wonder how this looks now. I opened up the top and sure enough it was completely in liquid form. So I'm like, ok now I can research YouTube and other hair boards to see how others use this and I'm going to see if I have the same benefits that other people seemed to be getting from this oil. 

That's where my whole "coconut oil challenge" comes into play. I was browsing Hairlista and they have a section for like groups and there's a bunch of challenges in that section and I came across this one. The challenge for the board is over I believe, but I decided I was going to go about this for myself. From this past Sunday (March 18) until.. June 1st I'm going to be deep conditioning with coconut oil once a week. I haven't decided if I'm going to continue to do my regular deep condition AND do the coconut oil deep condition or if I'm just going to do the coconut oil. Either way I'll still be deep conditioning lol, 

The rules on the board are as follows:
  • Once a week, apply warm unrefined coconut oil to dry hair and scalp, work through from roots to ends.
  • Put on a shower cap or saran wrap hair and sit under dryer for 20-30 minutes or let sit overnight.
  • Rinse out coconut oil and shampoo twice (apply shampoo to roots only), follow with your usual conditioner, than proceed with styling. 
  • Basic Level: Deep conditioning with coconut oil once a week.
  • Advanced Level: Deep conditioning with coconut oil once a week and seal ends with coconut oil daily. However, you cannot use any other oils as a sealant when doing the advanced level)
I'm providing the link where you can see more information, see what the other ladies asked, suggested and that other stuff. You can also see the progress pics that some of the ladies posted when the challenge on the board was officially over. A lot of them seemed to have like AMAZING growth within the few weeks they were doing this challenge. I'm not exactly sure how much this challenge lasted, but the comments seem to be pretty recent so I'm sure people are still doing it for themselves. Hairlista Coconut Oil Challenge 

I didn't deep condition this past weekend because honestly, I didn't really feel like it, so I ended up doing my first coconut oil deep condition on Monday night. I figured I would do it on Monday since I don't have class on Tuesdays until 1:45 pm and it would give me enough time to dry my hair and everything before class. Before I applied the oil, I detangled my hair with Mane n Tail detangler because I had like a 3 day old twist out and I'm pretty sure I would have lost a LOT of hair if I wouldn't have used that detangler lol. I sectioned my hair, dipped my finger in the oil, allowed some to drip on my hands, rubbed my hands together and applied it on my hair. Afterwards I pulled my twisted hair drenched in coconut oil back in a ponytail and put my plastic cap on. Tuesday morning, I cowashed everything out for the simple fact that I don't have enough room in my shower to really wash my hair let alone do 2 shampoos. I didn't apply any coconut oil to my scalp, so I figured my scalp would be good this time. As I cowashed it out, my hair felt soft, didn't lose that much hair and everything was pretty awesome. 

The only thing I hate about my coconut oil is the smell. I don't particularly care for coconuts and it's smell, but I don't think the brand of oil I have smells like coconuts. It smells more like cooking oil to me, but I think it's just my brand (Nutiva).

I guess I should be taking my starting pics this weekend if I have time, or early next week so I can keep track of my growth. I hate taking progress pics so I'm probably gonna procrastinate in doing this lol. Hope you found this information helpful and if anyone is interested in joining me, that would be fantastic! 

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