Sunday, April 8

Coconut Oil - Week 3

I'm a little late posting this and this is going to throw my week off for this upcoming week smh. Procrastination issues, I'm sure you all understand.

Overall, week 3 was a lot better than week 1.  Shampooing with the Biotin shampoo really made a difference (not the specific shampoo, just shampoo in general). My shedding has been minimal, I'm not shedding as much as I was before I started the challenge.  I had a bun in Monday-Friday and did a two strand twistout on Saturday night (March 31).  I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but things haven't been turning out how they usually do.  It may possibly be because:

1.I'm experimenting/trying to get rid of some products.  I have another mini bottle of Carol's Daughter Hail Milk that I don't particularly care for because of the smell. It makes my twistouts super defined, but it maybe make them too defined for my liking.
2. My hair seriously hates Hot 6 oil.  I'm glad my mixture is almost gone.
3. I pick my roots with a pick (what else? lol) and I may be busting it out too soon. I don't really seperate the curls enough when I use my pick so it's more volume at the roots then curls at the ends.
4. My heat damaged front has been too frizzing for my liking again, so I think I'm going to have to resort to using Eco Styler gel to combat the frizziness and to hold the shape.

This week (Monday April 2), when I did my DC, I detangled and spritzed with water on the sections before i applied the coconut oil, so it was basically moisturizing ans sealing.  The super major thing that I learned during my wash session the next day was that I can't shampoo my hair like "regular" people in the shower lol.  For 1, we all know my shower at school is like SUPER small, so I can't for the life of me get all the shampoo out of my hair when I wash my hair in the shower. It took me a lot longer than it normally would to make sure that I just got the shampoo out. Unless I'm at home, I'm going to resort to washing my hair upside down to make sure that everything that needs to be rinsed out is rinsed out. After the wash, I put my hair in a puff and wore it like that for 2 days. After day 2 of the puff, I decided to put two flat twists in the front of my head and do a twist out with the rest of the hair to see what it would look like and to give me a different look. It definitely turned out better than I expected it to and I wore it out for the first time in a LONG time! Got many compliments on it and I may try to it again when it warms up again.

The amount of shed hair in the comb after I applied the coconut oil

New style I tried. Of course it was "frizzier" than it was when I first took down the twists, but this was after I returned from class so I guess this would still be pretty acceptable lol.

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