Saturday, May 12


I was bored one evening last week (as usual) and decided I was going to try a flat twist out. I always thought I was pretty good at doing flat twists until I tried to do my whole head LOL. I used the same products that I used for my two strand twist outs and bantu knotted the ends. The only issue I really had was my heat damaged front. It frizzed up and just wouldn't behave correctly. I had a cute little "curly" fro though to say the least! I'm going to search YouTube and see how I can fix that issues that I had. Of course pictures are included :)

I usually don't have an issue with frizz when I do my 2 strand twist outs because I don't want them to be too defined, but with my flat twist outs, I think I would want the curls more defined with a little less frizz. I need to find some type of anti frizz creme or something.

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