Friday, June 22

Product Haul

Took a trip to my local BSS maybe 2 weeks ago to get some more rubber bands. Of course I ended up getting more than what I came for, but that's ok lol. Only spent 10 bucks and some change! (Not pictured are the rubber bands and shower caps that I also purchased. The 10 pack of shower caps were 1.00 and the rubber bands were 79 cents for 200). The Curl Enhancing Smoothie is from Walgreens and was $9.99 I think. 

 The pink Eco Styler gel for curls and waves. I think I'll be doing a product review on this as well. This is an 8 FLoz. jar for $1.29
 I just bought the bottle. I forgot to take pictures of it before I put my castor oil and EVOO in. It was 89 cents.
I bought 2 packs of these for a total of 12. Both packs were $5.98 together, $2.99 each.

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