Tuesday, July 31

After my appointment for my color, I didn't end up keeping my hair straight for that long. Maybe a week or less. When I get color, my hair sheds a LOT. To the point where it completely freaks me out every time I brush or comb my hair. Because I wasn't at home where I had all my "major" hair supplies and a lot of time to do what I want, I bought some sulfate-free shampoo and went back to my curls. 

When I did come back home, I did a protein treatment and it helped A LOTTTTT. Stopped the shedding and my hair definitely feels stronger and softer. SO glad I decided to do one then instead of waiting another month to do one. I'm thinking about straightening my hair again for this weekend since I didn't really get to "enjoy" being straight lol. I feel like I've put so much heat on my hair this summer, and it's been one of the hottest summers. I have to check out how the weather's gonna be this upcoming week because...I'm going out of town again! If it's not gonna be that hot, I'll straighten. If not.. I'll try a bun a leave it alone.

Yesterday, I did a mohawk with a two strand twist out and here's a few pictures! I blurred out my face in one of them because I looked creepy haha

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