Tuesday, December 25

M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S 
I hope you all enjoy your day :)

Friday, December 7

It's been a while.

It wasn't intended for me to take a "leave of absence", it sorta just happened that way. Around October 20th or so, I ended up getting Senegalese twists to give my hair a break for the rest of the semester and I think it was a good choice for the most part. The experience was a little frustrating at time, but I'm excited to be taking these things out next week. The place I went was definitely overpriced and I don't think I would be going there again for my braiding needs. I've always heard people complain about the "African braiders", but I was always willing to give them a chance (at least in my area), but...yeah I see why people say use caution when it comes to them lol. 

The reason why I said that I probably won't be going back to them is because for 1 they are wayyy overpriced. I don't even wanna state how much was paid, but just know that that money could had definitely been used for other things. When I went in for a consultation, they lady told me the wrong kind of hair to get. She told me to get "kinky twist" hair (Marley braid hair) and my actual braiders told me that I should have bought some other kind of hair (I don't remember what kind at this moment). So I couldn't really enjoy the twists like I wanted to because they didn't look like they were supposed to. The only good thing that I really "liked" was the fact that there were two braiders so I pretty much got in and out pretty quickly. I went back about a month later to get a touch up and the lady that did it used a small tooth comb, didn't take the time out to properly come through the tangles (the shed hair that needed to be combed out) and I'm hoping that I don't have more damage than I had when I walked in. 

I still think Senegalese twists are ultra cute, but I didn't particularly care for mine. I don't plan on getting any more individuals for a while. I can't do micros/twists as back to back hairstyles. The tension it puts on my hairline/edges is ridiculous for me and I'm not about the edgeless life lol. I plan on getting a sew in sometime next month (hopefully, fingers crossed), so until then, I'll be babying my hair and hopefully preparing for my next big hair move. I have pictures! They're old but it's from when I first got them done.