Thursday, January 24

It's Weaving Time!

It's no secret that I've been looking to get a sew-in done for like EVER. I haven't really "pursued" getting one because I don't really like the hair that's offered in beauty supply stores and a lot of the places I see online selling hair want $100+ for one bundle of hair and ain't nobody go time fuh dat!

That is...until I came across Ali Express! I received 3 bundles for 118.80 and free shipping. I order a 14/16/18 inch since I'm going to be in the Florida "heat" and didn't want to be weighed down with a lot of hair. It's "Peruvian Body Wave" and I love it even thought I haven't installed it yet lol. Of course I have pictures ^__^

Shipping was via DHL. Yes I had to sign for it,  but they called and told me when they were outside so I thought that was nice lol. I've never had anything delivered via DHL before. The vendor I bought from had pretty excellent shipping times. I order on Friday the 18th and received the hair Wednesday the 22nd. If I'm not mistaken, this particular vendor doesn't process orders on Saturdays.

All 3 bundles were placed in the regular long plastic packing that a lot of beauty supply store hair comes in..minus the cardboard.

All 3 bundles. The longest one (18 inch) is a little thinner and frizzier than the other 2 bundles, but that was expected considering the longer you go, the thinner the bundles are gonna be. I'm sure the frizz will go away once the hair is washed. 

All three bundles had their lengths written on the sticker as pictured above.

The label around the top says "100% Virgin Hair (Peruvian Hair)"

Close up with flash.

Close up no flash. Under the light it's a dark brown color. 

I plan on getting this hair installed either tomorrow or Saturday and I'll do an updated post with more details after that. So far so good, can't really complain. The seller had excellent communication with me because I told her that I was on a time crunch (I fly out to Orlando Sunday). Y'all good customer service is the way to my heart and my business. If you don't have great customer service, I will spend my money elsewhere and I'll tell everybody I know about bad customer service lol. No shame in my game! 

Vendor: Beautiful Queen Hair Shop located in China 


Tisha Jade said...

Hey, just a piece of advice on your next install. Be sure to deep condition the weave before you put it in, then air dry it. It makes the hair last a lot longer, and helps with the frizz for the first time.

I just ordered with Ali Express for a friend for the first time, so i'm anxious to see how the hair turns out. Their prices are great!

Looking forward to seeing your photo updates.

Teesha said...

Thank you! I didn't do that with this install and I've noticed that some of the shorter bundles were a little frizzy. Depending on when I get my next bundles of hair and when I have work, I'll try my hardest to deep condition! There's not a beauty supply store or anything around here, so I'll probably have to pick something up from Walgreens or Walmart.

Thanks again for the suggestion!