Saturday, July 6

Revisit: Bantu Knots

I came across a YouTube video last week that made me want to revisit bantu knots. I wish I could remember who she was so I could link you guys to her! Her bantu knot out came out SO cute and I wanted to see if I could finally get it right! Since bantu knots outs don't work for me with wet hair, I decided to try it on dry hair.. I believe I tried it on 3 day old hair if I remember correctly. I put a little Shea Moisture Hair Milk (which I will be reviewing soon), two strand twisted each section and did the bantu knot. I figured I would put a bobby pin in to help it stay and to see if it would help any. I think there were 17 in total that I did.

Needless to say, it was not a success for me...again. I wanted to wear my hair out, but my hair was like "Hell no, you better not" lol. I think bantu knots work well for me when I want a textured puff. Other than that, they absolutely do not work for me. I'm going to continue looking for possibly other methods and products to use to get the style that I want. Wish me luck!

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