Thursday, August 1

Apparently I have no real friends...

I'm not understanding why nobody told me that my edges were looking quite rough! I mean come on! What kind of friends do I have these days?! Haha

Because my sides are looking...scrawny, I've decided to start a month long castor oil "challenge" to thicken up my edges. I haven't really been using castor oil that much since I've started my love affair with coconut oil, but my edges are in dire need of some help. (Technically they aren't that bad, but I feel like if I notice them, then other people notice them as well).

Game plan:
Massaging JBCO and a tad bit of olive oil (to thin out the consistency) into my problem areas twice a day; once in the morning and once at night. I'll also add castor oil to those areas when I'm doing my "pre poo" with coconut oil when it's time for me to wash my hair. Depending on how much growth, and how dedicated I am to this "challenge", I'll keep it up and eventually end up applying the JBCO to my whole head. That's why I'm starting out with a month, to see if I REALLY see any changes with my hair from castor oil.

My before photos have been taken, and I left my bottle of castor oil out on my dresser so I don't forget! Wish me luck!

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