Saturday, March 23

Brazilian Loose Wave: New Hair!

So, I said I would make this post, and here I am! My work schedule has been NUTS..and working at Disney World, it's going to get even more nuts! Gotta love the Easter season.

On to more "important" things..My new hair!
It was purchased from Ali Express yet again. Rosa Hair Products Co., Ltd. to be exact. It was originally $155 and some change, but the vendor had a $3 coupon so it was $152 and some change. Which wasn't too bad. It was more than my last 3 bundles of hair, but I felt it was worth it. I needed something that would last until possibly the end of May, so I figured why not "splurge" a little. I don't remember when I ordered the hair because it was a few weeks ago, but I do remember that the hair was delivered really late. Like around 9pm-ish which I thought was really weird. I'm not used to anything ever being delivered that late and I'm glad I was home when it was delivered. Communication with the vendor was average, she was super nice. I think communication may have been a little more delayed than usual because it was around the Chinese holiday, which also delayed my shipping and delivery a day or two. Other than that, everything else was good!

I bought 3 bundles, in 16/18/20 inches! Pictures below :)

I'm going to provide pictures of what the hair looks like after it's just been washed (Shampoo and conditioner, and also with just conditioner) and I'm going to show which products I use with this hair. Stay tuned! Also comment below if you have any questions or suggestions on products that would further enhance my curls and this hair!

Saturday, March 2

Living in Orlando: Nuts.

I've been working like crazy since I temporarily moved down here last month! And as you all know from my last post, I got a sew-in which really put a damper on my hair "updates" I guess you could say. I'm hoping to get a new sew-in with new hair soon, so I will definitely do an update on that!

Don't think I've abandoned this blog because I haven't, I just haven't been doing a lot with my hair..nor have I had a lot of time to update lol. If I find some pictures that I've taken in my hair, I'll be sure to post them :)