Monday, October 21

Revisited: Hollywood Beauty Olive DC...on dry hair

As stated in a previous post, I've picked up the Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol deep conditioner (sheesh that's a mouth full). I've added a little bit of Argan oil to it and it's been freaking amazing. I can't remember why I stopped using it in the first place, but I'm totally glad I picked it up again. Especially since it's starting to get cold again (it's supposed to snow on Wednesday!  I'm not readyyy!) and I need the extra moisture if I'm going to retain any kind of length this winter. The Argan oil was the extra boost that it needed.

As the title also states, I decided to deep condition on dry hair again. Dry hair and this DC combo is like heaven. Seriously. The only thing I don't like about deep conditioning on dry hair is that I have to use twice as much product in order to finger detangle as well. I'm just about halfway through the jar now and I've only used it twice. Since the DC is pretty cheap, I have no problem stocking up on it. 

So this product + dry hair + co washing = amazeballs so far. I'm going to keep this up and hopefully continue to see good results.

To see the initial product review that I did before, Click Here :)

Sunday, October 13

Fall 2013 Products

  • Herbal Essences Drama Clean - When my hair is feeling icky and not behaving correctly. Not going to be using it more than I need to.
  • Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo
  • Cream of Nature Argan Oil Sulfate Free Shampoo - I only have maybe 1 or 2 more uses of this.

  • Any V05 conditioner
  • Aussie Moist - Have to repurchase 
Deep Conditioner:
  • Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol - I mixed in some Argan Oil because I'm working on a product review and I wanted to see how it works with a deep conditioner.. be on the look out for that :)

Leave In Conditioner:
  • Kinky Curly Knot Today- I haven't fully decided whether or not I'm going to repurchase this. I'm very surprised that the bottle lasted this long though since I've been using it for at least 2.5 months. I only have maybe 2 more uses out of it though...if that.

  • Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter
  • Eco Styler Gel - Have to purchase
  • Smooth n Shine Gellation Gel - I have half of the tub left so I'm going to use it up on my edges
  • Shea Moisture  Curl & Style Milk - I didn't exactly care to use this for a twist out, however, I'm going to try this on other styles that I'm going to be trying out. I'll make the decision about whether or not I want to purchase when I finish this bottle.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Castor Oil
  • Garnier Argan Oil

Other notes:
I've been thinking about making some whipped shea butter. I've been wanting to buy some so I wouldn't have to find the storage space to put all the ingredient bottles, but I haven't really found any "trusty" people to purchase some from. I've been browsing Etsy and looking at reviews and stuff but I haven't found anyone that I wanted to go through yet. So, if anyone knows of anyone who makes some pretty awesome whipped shea butter, please leave their contact information in a comment.

If there are any questions about the products I'm using or how I use them, please feel free to leave a comment below!