Friday, November 29

Black Friday

First off, I want to say that I hope everyone of you reading this had a great Thanksgiving! I was only able to clear one plate this year.. (Trying to lose weight and all that other lol).

Just a few minor updates as usual:

  • Just ordered some Hydration Hair Butter from Ishimma. Never heard of them, read a review or two on them (there aren't many so I'm guessing the company isn't as well known as others), so I decided to check them out. It's not whipped shea butter, but I figured I could just go for any kind of butter for my ends at the moment lol. I'll definitely be doing a product review for this!
  • My hair officially hates the winter time..or it may be what I did to it last week lol. I straightened my hair because I planned on getting a trim, but I didn't have the money so I straightened my hair for no reason pretty much (and I actually got 2 weeks out of it.. I had my mom press it, that's why). When I washed, I decided to do a protein treatment because I don't do those often. I did that, left it in for 15-20 minutes, rinsed it out..and uh, yeah. I think I left it in too long. I'm protein sensitive and my hair was..rough. Mistake number one. Mistake number two: Using a liquid leave in conditioner. I should have known that liquid anything in cold weather is a big no no. I think those were the two things that really messed the week up for my hair. I just washed co washed my hair (I'm deep conditioning now for 45 minutes).. and I had SO much broken hair in the tub :( Like a lot more than usual. Hopefully I can baby my hair this week (and moisturize more than once) and get things back to some kind of normalcy. 
If you're searching for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, there's links and sale details all over blogs (Bloglovin', they'll pop up everywhere). So, if you're like me and on a budget, I highly suggest that you hit up some of these sales! I know over at Confessions of a blog vixen there's like a massive list of Black Friday sales, along with coupon codes and details about the sale. The same list is also posted over on Curly Nikki's site, so go check that out and happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping :)

Tuesday, November 5

Product Review: Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

With Moroccan argan oil, the formula is instantly absorbed, delivering concentrated conditioning for strand by strand softness, shine, easy smooth styling and frizz control without any oily residue.  Proven to perform: get 10x smoother, stay sleek for 3 days, even in 97% humidity.

Apply a small amount to wet, damp or dry hair. In the shower for added conditioning, apply it when you condition your hair.  Out of the shower, work it through damp hair as a leave in for softness and easy styling.  After blow drying, use it to tame frizz and add shine.

I've been having the darnest time trying to figure out if I like this product or not. I heard Argan Oil is supposed to be good for the hair, but I don't know. Something about it freaks me out lol. I think more than anything, I have to get used to the texture. I don't know if it's just this brand or if the actual texture of it is super "smooth" and "silky" feeling, but I'm not used to that.

I've tried using it when I take down my two strand twists, and I seen that a little goes a long way. Like legit, a little. That's what my biggest mistake was, I was using too much. I'm interested in seeing how this will work in the summer time, but as of right now, I need heavy products for colder weather. Because of this, I've decided to add this oil to my deep conditioners and I mixed it in with my bottle of EVOO as a pre-poo. Mixing this product with other products seem to give me the best results, but alone, I don't think I like it? 

I'm definitely going to revisit this product when it gets warm again so I'm deciding to hate it all together. I guess my timing was a little off when deciding to buy and try this product. 

By itself: 6/10
Mixed with other products: 9/10