Wednesday, December 31

2014 Hits and Misses

To be completely honest, 2014 just hasn't been the year for me. I've suffered emotionally and spiritually and my hair also suffered. Looking back over the pictures I have in my old phone, I just wasn't impressed with the state of my hair overall. The things I wanted to work on, I didn't. Life just simply took over and my hair took a backseat. You live and you learn; my hair journey is a learning process. So, without further blabbering:

  • Biotin - Even though I'm still trying to take it on a consistent basis, I have noticed a slight difference in my hair. I still have quite a few pills left, so I plan on finishing the bottle within the next few months. 
  • Drinking water daily - Healthy wise, and hair wise, it makes a difference.
  • Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner - In my review I stated that at that particular moment, I wouldn't repurchase, but that has changed. I think it works better during the colder months for me than in warmer months.
  • Coconut oil - I've went a few months without my coconut oil, and my hair could definitely tell. I use this mainly for pre-poos (and lately on the scalp for my leave out around my sew-in) and it definitely helps with retaining moisture on the days I shampoo my hair
  • Castor oil - Yes it's heavy, yes it smells, but this oil is my ride or die lol. It helps aid in my growth and helps me seal my ends. I believe I'm going to start adding a butter on top of the castor oil
  • Pantene Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner - This stuff = amazing. That's all I have to say.
  • Herbal Essences Drama Clean Shampoo - I use this when I need to clarify. During the summer, this stuff saved my hair from the product build up.
  • Keeping a hair calendar - This has been especially useful when I had my sew in to keep track of when I flat ironed my leave out so that I wouldn't further damage it. It could still use some tweaking, but this has been a definite hit!
  • Ali Moda Customer service - There's a line between really caring about your customers and wanting to fix whatever issue they have and straight up harassing them. That line was definitely crossed.
  • V05 conditioners - I've loved these for a few years, mainly because they were cheap and always on sale. However, I've read many articles talking about how this product is banned in California because some of the ingredients can cause health issues. Not only that, the product does nothing for my hair anymore. It's basically like scented water for my hair.
  • Maintaining my ends/retaining length - This was one of my main goals for the year and I failed MISERABLY. I've been growing out my color, and everyone knows that with lighter color, is more of an upkeep. Now that the color is now strictly on my ends for the most part, it's the driest part of my hair. It breaks off just as "fast" as it's growing and it's kinda frustrating. 
  • Curly hairstyles in general - As I've stated before, I just wasn't too impressed with my quality of hairstyles this year. My curls I know there's a lot of things that ties into this, products included.
Honorable Mentions aka "Eh"
What were your "hits" and "misses" for the year?

Tuesday, December 16

Final Review: Ali Moda Peruvian Body Wave Hair

It's been about a month and a half since my install, and quite honestly...I'm tired of this hair.  If it didn't shed so much and the customer service wasn't crap, I wouldn't mind ordering this particular hair from this particular vendor over and over. Let me comment on the vendor communication real quick.

I've legit been getting harassed by this vendor since Thanksgiving day. She started off by calling me multiple times back to back and left voicemails each time she called because I didn't answer.  So then, she sends me a message via Ali Express, which I replied to.  Basically, we went back and forth for a while. I definitely made it known that I didn't appreciate being harassed on Thanksgiving and she did she apologize or even acknowledge it? Definitely not. She went right back to trying to convince me to change my feedback from 3 stars to 4 or 5 stars.

She wanted me to change the feedback in order for me to receive a refund ($80) or 3 new bundles of hair. I told her that I'm not changing the feedback on the hair that I already have because that would be lying. If she would have sent the hair and it was better quality hair, then I would have easily and quickly changed it to 4 or 5 stars. I've seen plenty of YouTube videos and feedback saying that a vendor told them they would send them a refund or replacement hair once they changed the feedback and they ended up receiving nothing.

Since Thanksgiving day (November 27), I've received:

  • 16 emails from her to my personal email address (not through Ali Express)
  • 8 voicemails (I don't know how many calls because I've blocked the number she was calling from)
Since my last response via Ali Express on November 29, I've received:
  • 21 messages
  • 1 text message
Would I recommend this hair? Absolutely NOT. The hair itself wasn't that bad besides the fact that it shed a lot (honestly, I'm surprised there's still hair left in the weft, I will definitely be sealing my wefts from now on..from any company), and the fact that there was hair dye constantly running every time I wet the hair. It was the customer service that did it in for me. I'm so big on customer service. Ali Moda has the worst customer service I've encountered in a few years from any company. I appreciate them trying to correct the issue I was having, I really do. But, you just don't bombard me with phone calls, emails, voicemails and messages when I tell you I'm not changing the feedback before I get the refund or new hair. 

Just in case you were wondering, NO I did not accept the refund or the new hair. I want nothing else to do with them quite honestly. 

Overall rating: 4/10
**I have a few pictures up on my Instagram ( tyeshee ) if you want to see this hair curled, straight and in it's natural wave pattern.

Friday, December 5

December Goals/Updated Jan 1

  1. Continue to drink at least one liter of water every day -- I haven't necessarily been keeping the exact amount of water I've been drinking, but I know I've managed at least 2 bottles of water every day
  2. Biotin more consistently - If the bottle is out of sight, I won't remember to take it.-- According to my calendar, I've only taken Biotin 5 times this month. Oops.
  3. Give my hair some extra TLC when I take my sew in out - This hair is just giving me issues, so I should be taking it out around Christmas time. Stay tuned for the update. -- Definitely done. It took about 3.5 hours to remove the sew in on Christmas, but I made sure I was extra careful. Pre-pooed with coconut oil over night, clarified, conditioned, did a protein treatment and deep conditioned.
If you have any hair goals for December, be sure to comment below! 

Wednesday, November 26

2 Week Update: Peruvian Body Wave

  • Washed the hair before installing with Organix Morrocan Argan Cream Shampoo/Conditioner and let the conditioner sit for 20 minutes
  • 24 hours - the amount of time it took for all 3 bundles to completely air dry
  • Wave pattern dropped in all 3 bundles, but pattern is still "noticeable". (See photo below)

  • Hair installed on November 8. All hair was installed
  • Wefts were cut so there is some shedding. I expect all hair to shed, but didn't expect to have the amount of shedding that I've had thus far so "soon"
  • Doesn't hold curls for long, but the curls are gorgeous when they drop and/or brushed out with a paddle brush
* I would recommend sealing the wefts if you're going to cut the wefts or not. I heard this company's hair sheds a lot, so I now see for myself that it's true.
** Overall, right now I would give this hair a 8/10. Like I've stated before, I expect all hair to shed. Other than the shedding, I haven't really had any issues with it. The hair WAS DYED prior to me receiving it. I don't really mind though because the color is a pretty brownish red color. 

Sunday, November 2

Aliexpress Hair : Peruvian Body Wave - Ali Moda Hair Products

I've been talking about wanting to take a break from doing my hair for a while, and now I'm actually going to do it lol. In all actuality, I have a presentation for class on the 12th and I decided to get something that would actually last for a while. Straightening my hair is like pointless these days since my hair isn't used to being straightened anymore. Also, this is like a really big presentation, saying that it could land us a job with this particular firm after graduation.

This is my 3rd time ordering from Aliexpress. The first order, I don't know if I hated the hair or the install itself, the second order I absolutely LOVED, and with this being the third, I'm hoping to love this as well.

I also ordered a closure for a different company on Aliexpress, but I have yet to receive it, so it's not included in these photos. Just an FYI, I wouldn't recommend choosing "EPacket" as a shipping method because it's supposed to take 10-15 days to get to you. Always go DHL (especially if it's free shipping). 

Let me start off by saying this is NOT a paid review. I bought this hair with my own coins. I purchased this hair from Ali Moda at like 11pm (I think) on Tuesday, October 28, was shipped Wednesday October 29, and I received it around 3pm on Friday, October 31st. (Now you see why I said get DHL shipping lol). Total cost: $110.61 with free shipping.

This is the DHL packaging. On the other side is where they stick the address label.
Upon opening the package was the hair and a free "gift" in a cute pink little ziplock bag. This is the best packing out of all 3 of my orders so far. This was also the first free "gift" that I've received with my bundles as well. The lengths are 16/18/20 inches.
Ali Moda Hair Products Peruvian Body Wave
3 bundles and a pack of 5 flexirods

Upon taking the hair out of the bag, each bundle was in their own little plastic sleeve, with a label on the top part of the bag, specifying the length. I don't have any pictures of that because it was packaged just like the other bundles I've done reviews on. Opening each bundles, there was NO CORN CHIP SMELL at all. I know some people complain of receiving hair from Aliexpress only to have it smell like corn chips. That's never happened to me. The hair smells like.. hair. Like human hair. No chemical smell or anything, all three smells normal.

Ali Moda Hair Products Peruvian Body Wave
16 inch bundle - Peruvian Body Wave
This bundle seems to be a "regular' size from what I've experienced in the past. I don't know about the construction of the weft yet (will update when I wash it and take it out of the rubber band), but it seems to be a little messy. As you can see in the bottom picture, there are "fly away" hairs sticking out of the top. It may just be cause of the way the hair is rubber banded together at the top or it may be because of the the hair was weft together.

Ali Moda Hair Products Peruvian Body Wave
18 inch bundle - Peruvian Body Wave

Ali Moda Hair Products Peruvian Body Wave
20 inch bundle - Peruvian Body Wave
Now, I know the wave is a little funky on the 20 inch bundle lol. It did NOT look like that when I first received it. I accidentally folded the hair as well as the plastic when I placed it back in the bag and that's how it was when I took it out again. Whoops. That was my fault, not the vendors.

Ali Moda Hair Products Peruvian Body Wave
All 3 bundles; 16 on left, 18 on right, 20 on top

I can't say if I'm "pleased" with the amount of "fly aways" I'm seeing, but I'm hoping that's something that can be tamed/fixed when I wash this hair. As far as shedding is concerned, no shedding from the 16 and 18 inch, however, I got 2 strands from the 20 inch. I'm not sure if I'm going to seal the wefts. I'm going to take it to my stylist and see what she suggests. No gray hairs and the hair is soft.
I know this is long, but this is an initial review. I plan on updating when I get the install. In that update I will also talk about washing the hair (if there's any shedding or dyes running off the hair). I'll probably do an third update as well about how the hair behaves, if it holds curls, sheds, mattes up and whatever else. I will also do post about the closure that I'm still waiting for. I don't know if it'll be an "in depth" review like this one because I've never had a closure before, and I'm not sure if I'll be using it for this install.

If anyone has anymore questions, please don't hesitate to comment below. I know a lot of people tend to talk down on Aliexpress hair, but I haven't had a real issue with them yet. 

Saturday, November 1

Product Review: Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Cholesterol with Shea Butter and Aloe

softer hair with less dryness in 5 minutes or less

For quick conditioning while in the shower, shampoo and rinse hair.  Apply a generous amount of Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Cholesterol to hair and scalp.  Leave on for two minutes and rinse hair thoroughly.  For deep conditioning, follow the above but mix in a few drops of Hollywood Beauty Tea Tree Oil to the cholesterol before applying to hair.  Wrap hair in a moist towel for 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

I had no intentions of picking this up, until I seen "Shea Butter" on the front and decided to go for it. Now that it's getting colder, I'm all about shea butter (butters period really) to help keep my hair moisturized..Especially my ends. I had a slight expectation that it would give me  better results than the Hollywood Beauty Cholesterol Olive deep conditioner, but, sadly that wasn't the case.

It was pretty much just like the olive deep conditioner, but the smell was just..annoying. If you hate the smell of Tea Tree Oil, I wouldn't suggest you buy this conditioner. The smell lingers for at least a day (for me it did at least), and it irritated my nose sometimes. I've used this on both the length of my hair and ONLY on the ends, and I think I prefer to use this only on my ends. The smell doesn't linger as long because I put more products on the ends of my hair so they don't dry out, so that helps to mask the smell.

Overall: It's just like the Olive deep conditioner from this brand, however, I would give it 3.5/5 stars because the smell is just.. strong. I would repurchase though to use just on my ends.. and it would last me a lot longer than it would if I used it all over.

November Hair Goals -- Updated 12/5

I went back and forth about what I wanted to make my November hair goals because I am getting a sew in in two weeks! (Finally right? I've just been talking about it for years lol). I will post the hair, vendor and all that other stuff soon (hopefully), I still have to take pictures and all that good stuff.

I guess I will make these goals SUPER simple for this month:
  1. Take Biotin on a more consistent basis -- Eh, I ended up taking biotin 7 days out of 30..Which I guess isn't that bad but it's not the best either lol.
  2. Take care of my hair underneath my sew in -- I think I've been doing pretty okay with this. I did learn that sew-ins with a net are not my friends.
  3. Drink at least 1 bottle of water everyday -- I knocked this out of the park for sure. I know I've averaged at least 1 liter of water every day for at least 20/30 days.

Hair goals for the month? Comment below!

October Empties

FINALLY some empties! I feel like I go through hair products like it ain't nothin, but I never remember to show what I've finished up. I have a few items, nothing too crazy. Each of these products lasted for QUITE a while.

Blackberry Sage Tea
V05 Revitalizing Conditioner- Blackberry Sage Tea
Hydration Hair Butter
Ishimma Hydration Hair Butter Review
Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment
Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil Treatment

Friday, October 3

October Hair Goals/Updated Nov. 1

  • Stop being so lazy when it comes to my hair -- This was the main goal I wanted to achieve for the month. I've definitely been a lot more "attentive" to the locks. 
  • Biotin -- I started during the beginning of the month and fell off  again. I have to take these with food, and I'm more worried about the food than the pill lol.
  • Drink at least 2 bottles of water -- Success for the most part.
  • Trim - search and destroy method. I'm having an issue finding hair shears that aren't like a million dollars. Any suggestions? -- I'm getting a sew in in 2 weeks, and the stylist I'm going to trims the hair before she braids it up.. Um.. thank sweet baby Jesus.
  • Pay special attention to my ends -- I've definitely been paying attention my ends; deep conditioning only my ends every other week, oiling my ends more often.
I think I can manage to meet these 5 goals this month. Do you have any hair goals for the month? If so, put them in the comments below :)

Saturday, September 27

Product Review: African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Bouncy Curls Pudding

Shea Moisture Miracle Bouncy Curls Pudding

Shea Butter Miracle gives amazing manageability, softness and shine to naturally curly, wavy, kinky-coily mixed textures. Perfect for transitioners. Enriched with Shea Butter, Nature's superior detangling moisturizer. Helps eliminate dryness, enhancing body, bounce and shine.

Regular use of bouncy curls helps:
Soften curls, coils and waves
Elongate curls and kinky-coils
Smooth and tame frizz

Rub a gernous amount of pudding between your palms, Gently finger comb section by section from roots to ends.  Continue stretching and elongating curls until satisfied with your curl definition.

Natural styling directions:
Try a two strand twist by applying pudding to damp or dry hair, twisting each section.  The more you twist, the more you can define the size and length of the curl.  Air dry, blow dry with diffuser or dry under hood.  Untwist each section for a fuller look or just leave twisted for a tighter look.

First use:
I hated it..Can't even lie about that lol. My hair felt extremely dry. Granted, when I first used this, I don't believe I used it on clean hair. I twas the middle of the week and I used it to retwist my hair. I was expecting the same kind of results I would get if I used Shea Moisture or Beautiful Textures, but that definitely was not the case.  My hair came out elongated, but, with no curl definition like I wanted.

Second use:
I used it on freshly washed hair and used it like I use any other styler that I use for my twist outs. Results: Dry hair yet again with pretty much no curl definition.  After this, I was ready to chuck this product out the window or give it to my sister to try out on my curl haired nephew.

Third use:
A few days ago, I decided to try this product again. Third time's a charm right? I decided to use this to refresh my style again because it was almost time to wash my hair again.

  • Sprayed each section with water
  • Detangled
  • Applied a generous amount of product to make sure each strand of hair was coated
  • Brushed through with Denman to smooth and clump the ends to gether
  • Applied Castor Oil to "seal"
  • Twisted each section
And of course I let it dry overnight. 
Results: Big hair that didn't feel dry FINALLY!! I was expecting the big hair (I mean, that's what I got the first two times, so why would this time be any different? Especially since I twisted in large sections).  I now know that I have to seal the whole strand with a heavy oil in order for this product to not dry my hair out.

For a regular twist out:3/10
For a refresher style: 8/10 -- when I want bigger hair and don't care about having curl definition, this is what I'll use. 

Have you used this product? Comment below with your experience!

Tuesday, September 16

I wasn't aware that when I changed my blog name, that I had to change everything that was connected to Bloglovin'. So, if you've been trying to follow via BL, you can now! Sorry if you haven't been able to before. If you haven't tried, now's your chance! Just click the link below

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Monday, September 1

September Hair Goals --> Revised Oct. 3

I've missed my August goals, so I'm back with new ones for September.

  • Biotin more consistently 
  • Drink more water (and document amount)
  • Get a trim - I'm looking to get some hair shears and try the search and destroy method
  • Pay better attention to my ends
  • Possibly color my hair
  • Protective styling
  • Resume with tea rinses - every other wash
  • Protein treatment 
I'm in the process of working on more product reviews. It's taking more time than I would like with work and school starting back up, however, I'm going to be posting a few within the next few weeks hopefully. 

If you have any hair goals for the month, feel free to share them in the comments below :)

Let's just say that I failed at pretty much everything on here except the protein treatment. I've been getting SO lazy with my hair lately and it's starting to scare me lol. I also think I had too many goals for the month knowing that I probably wouldn't do most of them. 

Saturday, August 2

Product Review: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative conditioner

Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Restorative Conditioner

Description: Our leave-in or rinse out conditioner detangles, moisturizes, repairs and restores lifeless, damaged hair.
Directions: Work conditioner through hair from root to ends.  Leave on for 3 minutes then rinse.  For deeper conditioning, leave on for up to 15 minutes.  As a leave-in, work a dime sized amount through damp hair, then style as desired.


  • Thick: I absolutely LOVE thick conditioner. I feel like it coats my hair so much better than thinner conditioner
  • Slip- This conditioner gave me pretty decent slip, at least from what I can remember
  • Can be used as a leave in AND deep conditioner- In the past, I've used regular conditioner as a "leave in". Now this product can actually double as a leave-in, which is good for now I don't have to use regular conditioner for that lol
  • Smell- Just like the shampoo. I don't know what exactly bothers me about the smell
  • It takes a lot of product to coat my hair: And I do mean A LOT.
  • The pump- I don't know if I just got a faulty pump, or if all of them are like mine, but I hate how my pump works lol. It's hard to press down and it clicks when you push the pump all the way down. I feel like I'm getting an arm work out every time I use the conditioner. 

Overall, this gets a 7/10 from me. I don't hate it, but I don't absolutely love it. I think overall the Raw Shea Butter line from Shea Moisture isn't exactly for me. I remember using the deep conditioner from this line and hating it because it pretty much did nothing for my hair. Eh, I don't think I would repurchase again. That could change though.

Friday, August 1

Product Review: Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo

Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo
Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo

Description: Our sulfate-free shampoo helps moisturize and repair dry, damaged or over-processed hair
Directions: Apply to wet hair and gently massage into a rich lather. Rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary


  • Watery consistency- For me, thick/creamy shampoo just isn't my friend in the summer time. It takes more time to rinse out and my hair is the last thing I wan tot do when it's hot.
  • Gets my hair clean without stripping it- I've tried some other "sulfate free" shampoos that left my hair feeling SUPER stripped. I love the fact that I can use this, get lather and still get clean hair.

  • Smell- It smells like the other products from the Raw Shea Butter line and the smell lingers. I don't mind if smells linger, but not if I don't like how it smells. And it's one of those smells that you can taste when you open your mouth..

Overall, I give this shampoo an 8/10, it does what it's supposed to do; get my hair clean. I don't know if it helps "moisturize" and "repair" my hair per say, but since it doesn't completely strip my hair, I guess that's what it does? I've used other "sulfate-free" shampoos in the past and they've left my hair feeling completely stripped of my seriously. This one? This one is good in my book.

Friday, July 4

July Goals/Updated July 31

  • Protective Styling Part 2 -- I ended up taking my braids out the second week of July. My hair was growing faster than I thought it would and I was paranoid about my edges!
  • Biotin everyday -- Of course this was a fail. I wasn't eating regularly, and when I did eat, Biotin was nowhere around.
  • Drink at least 2 bottles of water -- Constantly being at the hospital, water was the last thing on my mind smh. My water consumption has been pretty much non existent.
  • Coconut Oil Challenge (scalp only while I'm in braids) -- Castor oil was more so my friend instead of coconut oil
I don't know what I'm doing as far as how long I'm keeping these braids in, so I decided to go with a few goals for the month. I think these are coming out in 3 weeks (don't quote me on that). My birthday is in August, so I would like to have a sew in for that.

If you have any goals for the month, I would love to know what they are! So leave a comment down below if you'd like :)

Wednesday, June 4

Hairlista Coconut Oil Challenge

I'm a little late making a post about this, but I actually started this a week before the official start date. Here's the details:

There are 3 levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.

Time Period: May 24, 2014 - August 23, 2014


  • Apply coconut oil to hair and scalp prior to washing for 20 minutes to 1 hour or overnight
  • Massage in, focusing on damaged areas
  • Proceed with regular wash day 
  • 1x/week
  • Apply coconut oil to hair and scalp prior to washing  for 20 minutes to 1 hour, or overnight
  • Massage in, focusing on damaged areas
  • Proceed with regular wash day
  • 2x/week
  • Apply 1-2tsp to weekly deep conditioner with heat and rinse thoroughly
  • Apply coconut oil to hair and scalp prior to washing for 20 minutes to 1 hour, or overnight
  • Massage in, focusing on damaged areas
  • Proceed with regular wash day
  • 2x/week
  • Apply 1-2 tsp to weekly deep conditioner with heat and rinse thoroughly
  • Apply coconut oil to scalp 2-3x/week. Do not rinse
  • Seal with coconut oil on wet or dry hair (optional)
As for me personally, I don't know which category I'm going to fit in, because I'm not sure I'm going to be able to wash my hair twice a week. What I've been doing so far is a mix between intermediate and basic:
  1. Prepoo with coconut oil, focusing on damaged areas
  2. Shampoo as usual 
  3. Tea rinse
  4. Conditioner
  5. Adding coconut oil to damaged areas (colored treated ends) before adding deep conditioner to the full length of hair
  6. DC for 20 minutes with heat, at least 15 minutes without heat
  7. Rinse and style as usual
I already have my "before" pics ready. If you need anymore information, any questions, or just need an accountability partner, here's the link to the group on Hairlista to join (I believe you have to be a member in order to view, it takes like 2 minutes to sign up!)

Happy healthy growing :-)

June Monthly Goals *Updated July 2

  • Find a summer regimen that really works for my hair and with my schedule - I would say that this was a success because I simply got box braids. Giving my hair a break and it's been working with my schedule! 
  • Pay special attention to/baby my ends (color treated) - Eh, sorta kinda. Not really how I was hoping to
  • Take Biotin on a consistent basis - I think I've only taken them like twice this month because I always forget! Going to get better with it in July!
  • Coconut Oil Challenge - Even though my hair is in braids, I have been putting coconut oil on my scalp when it gets dry. It's usually a day or 2 before my wash day. 
  • Protein Treatment (especially since I didn't do one last month) - Funny story, I did a protein treatment then straightened my hair..which lasted for 2 days because I was so thirsty to get these braids. The protein treatment did get done though :)
  • Tea Rinse with every shampoo - Nothing to say.. Just a big negative "nah bro"
  • Protective style - Not going to mention the box braids anymore lol 
  • Drink at least 4 bottles of water every day - While I can't say I've had 4 bottles every day, I have been making sure that I've had at least one bottle a day. I only missed 2 days this month! 
These are simple enough! This month, I'm going to try to document everything via iPhone. I'm currently without a laptop (I'm using my dad's right now), and I don't want to clutter up his stuff with my pictures! 

What are YOUR hair goals for the month of June? 

Tuesday, May 20

Sally's Promotion: BOGO FREE

Just a heads up to anyone who shops at Sally's Beauty, today and tomorrow, there is a sale on ALL of their hair care products. As the title states, it's buy one get one free with the code 555226! So, if I were you and needing a few products for the warmer weather, I would take advantage of this deal! I already ordered, so I'll be sure to iodate with what I bought! 

Remember this is a 2 DAY EVENT only! And yes, it's valid both online and in stores! Don't miss out! 

Wednesday, April 30

May 2014 Hair Goals/Updated June 4th

I just have a few simple goals for the month, nothing to extensive or 'hard".

  • Deep condition with every wash -- With every shampoo I managed to deep condition (I think). I'm starting to transition myself into cowashing for the summer months! 
  • Continue to take Biotin consistently -- I failed miserably. I managed to lose the bottle for like 2 weeks, then I got lazy when I did find it lol
  • Use up one product -- Close but no cigar. Again, I'm in the process of tweaking my regimen for the summer months, and, with that tweak comes a tweak in products as well
  • Use castor oil on edges at least 2x/week -- I didn't really keep track of this, but I know for sure that I did castor oil my edges lol
  • Try one new style and document it -- FINALLY a success! The only problem with this is, I took the pictures with my DSLR and I'm currently laptop-less, so I can't upload them right away -__-
To be honest, I forget about my monthly hair goals lol. I don't go back and read them on here, so it's definitely an "out of sight, out of mind" type situation. This month, I'm writing them on one of my dry erase board so I can have a constant reminder.

Do YOU have any hair goals for the month? If so, comment below :)

Out With the Old, In With the New

A few weeks ago, I was getting ready to get under my soft bonnet dryer for a deep condition session...and it broke. No, not the whole dryer, just the most important part. There's a plastic part on the cap where the hose attaches to it..and that plastic part came off. Because that plastic part came off, I've been having to literally hold the the hose so that the air filters into the cap.

Ionic Soft Bonnet
That open space in the middle of the bonnet is where the plastic piece fell off. 
Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Not only is that a pain in the butt, but nobody has time to be browsing the web with one hand because you have to hold this hose to your head. Because it was a Vidal Sassoon product, I emailed them and asked if they still made replacement caps or if there was a similar product that they had that I could purchase. The dry customer service representative, whoever it was, just said "No, we don't make that product anymore". I could have sworn I asked two questions and only received an answer for one. I'm very big on customer service, so I doubt I'll be buying anything else Vidal Sassoon related.

Long story short, I told my mom and she bought me a new soft bonnet hair dryer earlier this week! Can we say how clutch she is?! I was going to go to Sally's and buy something, but I haven't had the time to make it out there yet (and I didn't want to have to pay for shipping).
Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

This Conair dryer is smaller, a lot more light weight and fits comfortably over my head (the Vidal Sassoon bonnet had a string around the bottom of it where you could tighten it if you needed to..but it definitely didn't stay tight). I love this dryer so far.

Saturday, April 5

April Goals (Updated)

Last month, I think I was a bit ambitious when it came to my goals lol, so I've decided I'm going to focus on like 4 or 5 goals this month. Short, sweet and to the point.

1. Take Biotin consistently -- (I didn't take it on an every day basis, but more consistently than last month. This month I was 17/30 and last month I was 11/31)

2. Do a tea rinse every wash day -- (I was only able to do one tea rinse this month. I was pressed for time and I didn't want to do a tea rinse when I did my protein treatment)

3. Limit hair purchases to things I ABSOLUTELY need -- (This month I bought Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie from Walgreens. Shea Moisture products were BOGO 50% off, so I bought 2 jars of that. That was the only hair purchase for the month!)

4. Try one new hairstyle and document -- (I'm absolutely the worst at trying new hairstyles. I'm going to keep making it a goal until I actually do it lol).

5. Drink at least 4 bottles of water every day -- (I didn't drink 4 bottles everyday, but my water intake apps says that I've drank at least 1 bottle of water 23 days out of the month, so that's better than nothing. I think my goal for next month is to drink water everyday regardless of what the amount is).

I'm starting my summer job this week actually, and I'm not sure how long me doing my hair twice/three times a week will last. I've been thinking about a protective style (braids, sew in, or I may try Senegalese twists again). Whatever that decision is, I'm sure I'll be posting plenty of pictures.

Sunday, March 23

Product Review: Pantene Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner

I don't know what made me buy this product actually..Yeah I do. Impulse buying. It was on sale at Walgreens when I got this though, so I bought this and got the Co-Wash 50% off or something like that (I don't remember what the exact sale was). I've used one Pantene product that I can remember, and it was a shampoo so it was nothing spectacular. It stripped my hair when I needed it to be stripped. This deep conditioner right here tho?! MAN.

Deep Conditioner

Pantene responds to your hair's structure to help bring out the beauty that's yours alone.  Pantene's Truly Natural Line is a line of products designed to help manage your natural hair.  Pantene knows that your hair has a unique structure with distinctive twists and turns so hair can knot and be unmanageable.  Pantene's oil-enriched Truly Natural Conditioner moisturizes and detangles natural hair.  The Pro-V formula leaves hair soft, shiny and protected from damage.

Massage into wet hair after shampooing.  Start at tips and work toward roots.  Rinse thoroughly. Gentle enough for color-treated hair.

Let me start off by saying that the smell is strong and perfumey. Like if you open your mouth and this is near, you'll probably taste it lol. It doesn't bother me though (for now). The consistency is perfect for a deep conditioner in my opinion. It's not too runny and it's not too thick. The best part about it: it's SO easy to apply and the slip is amazzzziiinnnnnggggggggg. I haven't hit not one knot or tangle while this product is in my hair and I don't detangle before I apply this. For this to be an inexpensive product, I didn't think it would work this well, like at all. I'll DEFINITELY be repurchasing this and will gladly use it until my hair has said "enough". I plan on stocking up on this product because I've noticed that I'm quite heavy handed when it comes to applying product lol.

I would give this product like.. 8.5/10

Wednesday, March 19

Salon Visit

I wasn't originally planning on going so "soon", however, my last trim was in June of last year. I was supposed to get another one in December, but of course, I never get trims when I'm "supposed" to. Unfortunately, there was a death in the family and I had to travel out of town for three days last week and I just didn't have the mental or emotional ability to do my hair.  I always make sure that my hair is in a style that will last when I have to go out of town.. It's so much of a hassle having to keep track of all of the products and stuff that you need.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but, I've been going to a new salon for my trims. (If I haven't mentioned this before, I got a wacky chop at my old hair dresser when I was in high school and I haven't let her near my hair with scissors since then lol). She washed, conditioned, blow dried and flat ironed my hair.. She also did a Saran Wrap (I think that's what it's called) where you wrap your hair then wrap it with Saran Wrap and sit under the dryer for like 10-15 minutes. It was a very interesting experience saying that I've never gotten that done before. 

Needless to say, after all of that was done, I'm back to where i usually am when I trim smh. It sucks, but I'm starting to focus more on health over length..  It was needed though because I'm growing out my color and saying that I've been using permanent hair dye, the dyed hair is of course more damaged than the "new growth". 

Now that I've gotten my regimen and products down for the most part, I can really start paying attention to the health of my hair and the length will be an added bonus :) These aren't the best length check pictures, I'm still trying to master those, but it's getting the job done lol. I guess I'll do my next length check mid-June-ish (not on straightened hair). 

Friday, March 7

Tea Rinse Update #1

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was having trouble in paradise and didn't know what was happening to my hair or why. I came across multiple posts about tea rinsing, so that's what I'm giving a try. I've only done 2 rinses thus far and I don't think that's enough time for me to really see some results, so I'm just going to post what I've used and how I added it into my routine.

The weekend of February 22, I did my first rinse and it was an interesting, messy, and cold experience.  From what I've read from different natural hair blogs, you absolutely have to follow up with a deep conditioner because it makes your hair hard (and which it did, but it wasn't as "extreme" as a protein treatment). The morning of wash day, I made two cups of tea with two tea bags (so one tea bag per cup) and let it cool. Then, I did my usual wash routine, but I added the tea rinse after the shampoo and before the conditioner.. I sectioned my hair in 4 sections, applied it to my scalp and the length of my hair via spray bottle and rinsed. I made sure to follow up with deep conditioning as well (yay me!).

I've done this now twice and while I can't say that I've noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of hair that I lose during the washing process, I have noticed a bit of change. I'm interested in seeing how this will help (or hinder) my hair progress as the time goes on.

Saturday, March 1

March 2014 Hair Goals

Just as the title suggested, I've decided to get "back" into setting monthly goals for myself. I think I've tried to do this before and failed at it miserably, so I guess I'm going to give it another try.

Spring should be here soon (hopefully, as we expect another snow storm this weekend), so I'm going to slowly start tweaking my products and regimen as it starts getting warmer. I'm sure I'll be straightening my hair soon, although I'm not exactly sure when, for a much needed trim.

Anywho, here they are (in no particular order):

  • Use up at least one product -- (Finished up my first bottle of Pantene Truly Natural Hair Deep Condtioner.. Man I love that stuff)
  • Continue with tea rinses to see if they've done anything to help with my shedding -- (I got lazy and stopped doing them.) 
  • Try at least 1 new style
  • Be more patient and gentle when it comes to handling my hair
  • Take Biotin everyday, and drink plenty of water - I started taking Biotin yesterday (Feb. 27th). My brother had a pretty much full bottle that he paid a pretty penny for and didn't want to waste them, so he gave them to me. So far so good! (I've realized that I don't get headaches if I take these immediately after I eat)
  • Scalp massages at least 3 times per week -- (Again, I got lazy. If I'm not redoing my twists or washing, I try not to touch my hair)
  • Be more consistent with my hair calendar- I started keeping track of what I do and when I do it. It's been helpful so far.
  • Buy no new hair products- Although I'm pretty sure I'm going to need more deep conditioner this month, that's the only thing I'm allowing myself to buy that's hair related (I failed at this..miserably. I bought 3 new bottles of conditioner and a product from Curlz)
  • Progress picture
Do you set any monthly hair goals for yourself? If so, comment below :)

**Instead of making a separate post, I'm going to highlight the successes in green and the fails in red. If I comments, they will be in parenthesis and bolded in black letters.

Thursday, February 13

Product Review: Cantu Shea Butter Coconut Curling Cream

This is another product that I had no interest in buying, pretty much an impulse buy at Wal-Mart quite a few months ago. As I'm typing this post, I've used up half of the jar trying to figure out if my hair loves it or hates it, what products I should and shouldn't use with it and everything in between.

I've tried every possible way (well not every way, but close to it) and I'm bringing you a product review for it!
For Natural Hair

Cantu for Natural Hair Coconut Curling Cream will define, condition and add manageability toyour curls, leaving them soft, shiny and deeply moisturized.  Made with 100% pure shea butter and formulated without chemicals or harsh ingredients, Cantu for Natural Hair restores your real, authentic beauty. Embrace your curly, kinky or wavy hair with Cantu for Natural Hair.  No Mineral Oil, Sulfate, Parabens, Silicone, Phthalates, Gluen, Paraffin, Propylene Glyco, PABA or DEA.

Smooth onto damp hair section by section from the root down the hair shaft. Do not rinse out.  Can be used on dry hair to enhance curls.

First of all, let me start off by saying that this Cantu Coconut Curling Cream has a strong smell to it. It doesn't stink, but if you can't handle strong smells, I wouldn't recommend this for you. Not only that, but the smell lingers in your hair as well the first day or two. The consistency is thick. I can turn the jar upside down and it doesn't move.
For Natural Hair
Hopefully you can see how thick it is.. Especially in the last picture.
When I first started using this product, I applied it the same way that I apply my Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curling Creme; on wet (not soaking) hair and following it up with a butter and/or oil .(When I first started using this, I would apply only oil because it was just starting to get cold). Damp hair + this product + EVOO/Castor Oil on the ends = heavy yet defined hair. At this point I was retwisting my hair like twice a week and this just simply wasn't a product that I wanted to apply to my hair twice a week because of how heavy it was.

I recently just started using this again this week because I thought "why the hell not?". I sectioned off my hair as usual, dampened my hair and added EVOO/Argan oil to each section to help retain moisture, applied this product, then applied Ishimma's Hydration Hair Butter on the ends, finishing up with EVOO/Castor oil on the ends as well. (Sounds like a lot, but I was NOT playing when I said I wanted to retain length this winter lol. Plus I figured I could use the extra protection because I knew I would be wearing my hair down and out). That next day when I took my twists out though?!!? My hair was soft, defined but still heavy :(  Also, I've found that my hair isn't as defined with second day hair.
As you can see in the pic on the left, the front and top of my hair isn't as defined as it was yesterday.
Does this mean I hate the product because I have crappy second day hair with it? Not necessarily.I don't think I would prefer to use this as a styler, but it works wonderfully as a moisturizer.
Final Verdict: 7/10

Have YOU tried this product? Do you like it? 

Wednesday, February 12

Revamp and Revisit

If you've been visiting this blog for a while, you'll notice that there aren't as many posts as there used to be. I decided to delete a lot of the posts that I used to have because I simply didn't like the way they were written, the picture quality was crap or something along those lines. I've now realized that there are a lot of naturals that happen to view my blog, and even if it's just for my personal use to keep up with what works for me and what doesn't, I do want to be a "resource" or whatever so to speak to those who do come by and visit.

I have a list of the old product reviews that I've deleted and I'm willing and open to do an "updated" product review (if anyone is interested) to see how they work with my hair and what I'm currently doing with it. I'm also willing to revisit the products that still have reviews up also, if anyone is interested in that as well. The options are:

  • Herbal Essences Hello Hydration condtioner
  • Aussie Moist 3 Minute Deeep Conditioner 
  • Mane N' Tail Detangler
  • Cream of Nature Chamomile and Comfrey Nourishing Conditioner
  • Organics by Africa's Best Olive Oil Deep Conditioner
  • TRESemme Moisture Rich Conditioner
  • Shea Moisture Organic Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque
The only product that I am NOT willing to review again is Hawaiian Silky Miracle Worker 14-in-1.Why? Because I revisited it a few months ago and my hair hated it, so I already gave the bottle to my sister to use on my nephews hair lol. I think all of the other products in the list above and those that are still posted are fair game.

Also, I'm working on fixing some things up (a new layout is number one on the list) so if something seems out of place, please let me know! If there's a broken link or a picture that isn't showing up, please let me know that as well! 

Sunday, February 9

Trouble in Paradise

Just when I thought I found products/routines that worked for me during this harsh, HARSH winter, the last 2 weeks happen. I've been shedding HORRIBLY lately and I don't know what the culprit is. My scalp has been ridiculously dry as well and it's just been like "What the hell is happening to my hair".

Last week I did an Intense Moisture treatment with the ORS Hair Masque, thinking that would help..and clearly it didn't because I was still shedding horribly when I washed today. *This is kind of unrelated, but it is; I don't know why I always skip the deep conditioning after protein treatments and "intense" treatments but I guess that's where I've been going wrong*

I've asked Tumblr (and received no answers), searched a few blogs and asked the natural hair community on Instagram about what products they used when their hair was shedding more than usual. I've gotten to use coconut oil, make sure my moisture and protein levels are good and to use tea tree oil mixed with another oil on my scalp to help with the dryness I've also been experiencing.

While I have been introducing coconut oil back into my regimen (I have to buy some more), something that I've read on numerous blogs and apparently is God sent is a tea rinse. I've seen nothing but good things about tea rinses and apparently it helps with shedding really well.

So, over the next few weeks, I'm going to start incorporating black tea rinses into my weekly wash days (along with a hair catcher because I had to unclog the drain earlier) and pray that it works just as well for me.

Also, if any of my readers have any suggestions as well, please leave a comment below!

Sunday, January 26

Current Products-January 2014

These are the current products that I'm using as of today, January 26. Listed: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, oils and stylers.
Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Shampoo x Herbal Essences Drama Clean Shampoo

VO5 Tea Therapy Revitalizing Conditioiner/V05 Herbal Escapes Balanceing Conditioner x Aussie Moist

Hollywood Beauty Olive Cholesterol Deep Conditioning Creme for Damaged Hair

JBCO x EVOO x Garnier Fructis Sleek and Shine Moroccan Sleek Oil x EVCO (not pictured)

Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme x Ishimma Hydration Butter x Eco Styler Gel

Monday, January 20

URL change

I don't know how "major"t this is, but I've just decided to change the url of this blog. I've been meaning to change it for a while, however, I'm not that gifted when it comes to coming up with good usernames and stuff like that.

The new URL is : tyeskinksandcurls at blogspot

Sunday, January 19

Why I Shampoo During the Winter Months

The last few weeks I've been seeing different articles saying how "horrible" it is to shampoo your hair during the colder/winter months and how "horrible" it is for you to shampoo your hair in general. Yes, I agree that shampooing your hair can end up doing more harm than good if you aren't using the right shampoo or using the proper techniques that work for your hair. However, I feel like I've found the right techniques and product that seems to be working this winter.

Let me start off by saying, that I haven't cowashed in months. I think the last time I did was in October..or November. I don't feel like conditioner alone can give me the clean scalp/hair that I need during winter. I use JBCO on my scalp (which is heavy and thick) and conditioner doesn't remove that from my scalp on wash day. I wish it did, but it doesn't. I've also been using oils and butters on the length of my hair when I do my twists because I'm trying to retain length and I've never really retained the length I thought I should have, so I'm trying something different. Again, conditioner simply doesn't remove that build up of products for me.

Every once in a while, I'll use Herbal Essence's Drama Clean clarifying shampoo like once a month (which I'm due for soon), but every week on wash day, I only use Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter shampoo. I would be lying if I said I didn't love this stuff right now. I prepoo with EVOO and Argan Oil before I shampoo, which aids in my hair not feeling stripped at all. Even if I'm being too lazy and don't prepoo, this shampoo does not leave my hair feeling stripped.

Everyone's hair is different, what works me for me, may not work for you. However, I would recommend at least trying it out and seeing how it works for you. If you don't love it like I do, add it to the stash of products that you use every once in a while when you need a back up. YES, this shampoo does include sulfate.

Salon Quality hair care system proven to moisturize your hair as well as Aveda Dry Remedy shampoo and conditioner. This moisturizing shampoo is infused with 100% natural almond and Shea butter, which are known for their rich emollients.  It replenishes as it cleanses leaving your hair well-nourished and beautiful.

Wednesday, January 8

Recent Pick Ups

I just wanted to share the hair related purchases I've made throughout the last..month I want to say. I'm in the process of using up products that are in my bathroom closet to make room for new (and tried and true) products.

Left to right: Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Shampoo, Pantene Truly Natural Hair Co-Wash, Pantene Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner, V05 Tea Therapy Revitalizing Conditioner, V05 Herbal Escapes Balancing Conditioner and Aussie Moist Conditioner
Left to right: Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter Whipped Curl Creme, ORS Olive Oil Hair Masque Intense Treatment, Eco Styler Gel

Sunday, January 5

SALE alert!

I've been waiting to try this product out since I've first started seeing reviews about it and I just couldn't bring myself to pay over 10 bucks for it. I told myself "I'm just going to wait until it goes on sale somewhere" and low and behold, I found it on sale today at Walgreens!

Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Hair Masque Intense Treatment for Heat and Color Damaged Hair (man that's a mouth full) is on sale at Walgreens. You only get the savings if you're a balance rewards card holder. This was originally $11.99, on sale for $3.69 and I saved $8.30. 

SO, if this is your deep conditioner, I would suggest that you had to your nearest Walgreens soon and check this out.