Sunday, February 9

Trouble in Paradise

Just when I thought I found products/routines that worked for me during this harsh, HARSH winter, the last 2 weeks happen. I've been shedding HORRIBLY lately and I don't know what the culprit is. My scalp has been ridiculously dry as well and it's just been like "What the hell is happening to my hair".

Last week I did an Intense Moisture treatment with the ORS Hair Masque, thinking that would help..and clearly it didn't because I was still shedding horribly when I washed today. *This is kind of unrelated, but it is; I don't know why I always skip the deep conditioning after protein treatments and "intense" treatments but I guess that's where I've been going wrong*

I've asked Tumblr (and received no answers), searched a few blogs and asked the natural hair community on Instagram about what products they used when their hair was shedding more than usual. I've gotten to use coconut oil, make sure my moisture and protein levels are good and to use tea tree oil mixed with another oil on my scalp to help with the dryness I've also been experiencing.

While I have been introducing coconut oil back into my regimen (I have to buy some more), something that I've read on numerous blogs and apparently is God sent is a tea rinse. I've seen nothing but good things about tea rinses and apparently it helps with shedding really well.

So, over the next few weeks, I'm going to start incorporating black tea rinses into my weekly wash days (along with a hair catcher because I had to unclog the drain earlier) and pray that it works just as well for me.

Also, if any of my readers have any suggestions as well, please leave a comment below!

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