Saturday, March 1

March 2014 Hair Goals

Just as the title suggested, I've decided to get "back" into setting monthly goals for myself. I think I've tried to do this before and failed at it miserably, so I guess I'm going to give it another try.

Spring should be here soon (hopefully, as we expect another snow storm this weekend), so I'm going to slowly start tweaking my products and regimen as it starts getting warmer. I'm sure I'll be straightening my hair soon, although I'm not exactly sure when, for a much needed trim.

Anywho, here they are (in no particular order):

  • Use up at least one product -- (Finished up my first bottle of Pantene Truly Natural Hair Deep Condtioner.. Man I love that stuff)
  • Continue with tea rinses to see if they've done anything to help with my shedding -- (I got lazy and stopped doing them.) 
  • Try at least 1 new style
  • Be more patient and gentle when it comes to handling my hair
  • Take Biotin everyday, and drink plenty of water - I started taking Biotin yesterday (Feb. 27th). My brother had a pretty much full bottle that he paid a pretty penny for and didn't want to waste them, so he gave them to me. So far so good! (I've realized that I don't get headaches if I take these immediately after I eat)
  • Scalp massages at least 3 times per week -- (Again, I got lazy. If I'm not redoing my twists or washing, I try not to touch my hair)
  • Be more consistent with my hair calendar- I started keeping track of what I do and when I do it. It's been helpful so far.
  • Buy no new hair products- Although I'm pretty sure I'm going to need more deep conditioner this month, that's the only thing I'm allowing myself to buy that's hair related (I failed at this..miserably. I bought 3 new bottles of conditioner and a product from Curlz)
  • Progress picture
Do you set any monthly hair goals for yourself? If so, comment below :)

**Instead of making a separate post, I'm going to highlight the successes in green and the fails in red. If I comments, they will be in parenthesis and bolded in black letters.

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