Wednesday, April 30

May 2014 Hair Goals/Updated June 4th

I just have a few simple goals for the month, nothing to extensive or 'hard".

  • Deep condition with every wash -- With every shampoo I managed to deep condition (I think). I'm starting to transition myself into cowashing for the summer months! 
  • Continue to take Biotin consistently -- I failed miserably. I managed to lose the bottle for like 2 weeks, then I got lazy when I did find it lol
  • Use up one product -- Close but no cigar. Again, I'm in the process of tweaking my regimen for the summer months, and, with that tweak comes a tweak in products as well
  • Use castor oil on edges at least 2x/week -- I didn't really keep track of this, but I know for sure that I did castor oil my edges lol
  • Try one new style and document it -- FINALLY a success! The only problem with this is, I took the pictures with my DSLR and I'm currently laptop-less, so I can't upload them right away -__-
To be honest, I forget about my monthly hair goals lol. I don't go back and read them on here, so it's definitely an "out of sight, out of mind" type situation. This month, I'm writing them on one of my dry erase board so I can have a constant reminder.

Do YOU have any hair goals for the month? If so, comment below :)

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