Wednesday, June 4

June Monthly Goals *Updated July 2

  • Find a summer regimen that really works for my hair and with my schedule - I would say that this was a success because I simply got box braids. Giving my hair a break and it's been working with my schedule! 
  • Pay special attention to/baby my ends (color treated) - Eh, sorta kinda. Not really how I was hoping to
  • Take Biotin on a consistent basis - I think I've only taken them like twice this month because I always forget! Going to get better with it in July!
  • Coconut Oil Challenge - Even though my hair is in braids, I have been putting coconut oil on my scalp when it gets dry. It's usually a day or 2 before my wash day. 
  • Protein Treatment (especially since I didn't do one last month) - Funny story, I did a protein treatment then straightened my hair..which lasted for 2 days because I was so thirsty to get these braids. The protein treatment did get done though :)
  • Tea Rinse with every shampoo - Nothing to say.. Just a big negative "nah bro"
  • Protective style - Not going to mention the box braids anymore lol 
  • Drink at least 4 bottles of water every day - While I can't say I've had 4 bottles every day, I have been making sure that I've had at least one bottle a day. I only missed 2 days this month! 
These are simple enough! This month, I'm going to try to document everything via iPhone. I'm currently without a laptop (I'm using my dad's right now), and I don't want to clutter up his stuff with my pictures! 

What are YOUR hair goals for the month of June? 

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