Friday, July 4

July Goals/Updated July 31

  • Protective Styling Part 2 -- I ended up taking my braids out the second week of July. My hair was growing faster than I thought it would and I was paranoid about my edges!
  • Biotin everyday -- Of course this was a fail. I wasn't eating regularly, and when I did eat, Biotin was nowhere around.
  • Drink at least 2 bottles of water -- Constantly being at the hospital, water was the last thing on my mind smh. My water consumption has been pretty much non existent.
  • Coconut Oil Challenge (scalp only while I'm in braids) -- Castor oil was more so my friend instead of coconut oil
I don't know what I'm doing as far as how long I'm keeping these braids in, so I decided to go with a few goals for the month. I think these are coming out in 3 weeks (don't quote me on that). My birthday is in August, so I would like to have a sew in for that.

If you have any goals for the month, I would love to know what they are! So leave a comment down below if you'd like :)