Monday, September 1

September Hair Goals --> Revised Oct. 3

I've missed my August goals, so I'm back with new ones for September.

  • Biotin more consistently 
  • Drink more water (and document amount)
  • Get a trim - I'm looking to get some hair shears and try the search and destroy method
  • Pay better attention to my ends
  • Possibly color my hair
  • Protective styling
  • Resume with tea rinses - every other wash
  • Protein treatment 
I'm in the process of working on more product reviews. It's taking more time than I would like with work and school starting back up, however, I'm going to be posting a few within the next few weeks hopefully. 

If you have any hair goals for the month, feel free to share them in the comments below :)

Let's just say that I failed at pretty much everything on here except the protein treatment. I've been getting SO lazy with my hair lately and it's starting to scare me lol. I also think I had too many goals for the month knowing that I probably wouldn't do most of them. 

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