Wednesday, November 26

2 Week Update: Peruvian Body Wave

  • Washed the hair before installing with Organix Morrocan Argan Cream Shampoo/Conditioner and let the conditioner sit for 20 minutes
  • 24 hours - the amount of time it took for all 3 bundles to completely air dry
  • Wave pattern dropped in all 3 bundles, but pattern is still "noticeable". (See photo below)

  • Hair installed on November 8. All hair was installed
  • Wefts were cut so there is some shedding. I expect all hair to shed, but didn't expect to have the amount of shedding that I've had thus far so "soon"
  • Doesn't hold curls for long, but the curls are gorgeous when they drop and/or brushed out with a paddle brush
* I would recommend sealing the wefts if you're going to cut the wefts or not. I heard this company's hair sheds a lot, so I now see for myself that it's true.
** Overall, right now I would give this hair a 8/10. Like I've stated before, I expect all hair to shed. Other than the shedding, I haven't really had any issues with it. The hair WAS DYED prior to me receiving it. I don't really mind though because the color is a pretty brownish red color. 

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