Friday, December 5

December Goals/Updated Jan 1

  1. Continue to drink at least one liter of water every day -- I haven't necessarily been keeping the exact amount of water I've been drinking, but I know I've managed at least 2 bottles of water every day
  2. Biotin more consistently - If the bottle is out of sight, I won't remember to take it.-- According to my calendar, I've only taken Biotin 5 times this month. Oops.
  3. Give my hair some extra TLC when I take my sew in out - This hair is just giving me issues, so I should be taking it out around Christmas time. Stay tuned for the update. -- Definitely done. It took about 3.5 hours to remove the sew in on Christmas, but I made sure I was extra careful. Pre-pooed with coconut oil over night, clarified, conditioned, did a protein treatment and deep conditioned.
If you have any hair goals for December, be sure to comment below! 

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