Tuesday, December 16

Final Review: Ali Moda Peruvian Body Wave Hair

It's been about a month and a half since my install, and quite honestly...I'm tired of this hair.  If it didn't shed so much and the customer service wasn't crap, I wouldn't mind ordering this particular hair from this particular vendor over and over. Let me comment on the vendor communication real quick.

I've legit been getting harassed by this vendor since Thanksgiving day. She started off by calling me multiple times back to back and left voicemails each time she called because I didn't answer.  So then, she sends me a message via Ali Express, which I replied to.  Basically, we went back and forth for a while. I definitely made it known that I didn't appreciate being harassed on Thanksgiving and she did she apologize or even acknowledge it? Definitely not. She went right back to trying to convince me to change my feedback from 3 stars to 4 or 5 stars.

She wanted me to change the feedback in order for me to receive a refund ($80) or 3 new bundles of hair. I told her that I'm not changing the feedback on the hair that I already have because that would be lying. If she would have sent the hair and it was better quality hair, then I would have easily and quickly changed it to 4 or 5 stars. I've seen plenty of YouTube videos and feedback saying that a vendor told them they would send them a refund or replacement hair once they changed the feedback and they ended up receiving nothing.

Since Thanksgiving day (November 27), I've received:

  • 16 emails from her to my personal email address (not through Ali Express)
  • 8 voicemails (I don't know how many calls because I've blocked the number she was calling from)
Since my last response via Ali Express on November 29, I've received:
  • 21 messages
  • 1 text message
Would I recommend this hair? Absolutely NOT. The hair itself wasn't that bad besides the fact that it shed a lot (honestly, I'm surprised there's still hair left in the weft, I will definitely be sealing my wefts from now on..from any company), and the fact that there was hair dye constantly running every time I wet the hair. It was the customer service that did it in for me. I'm so big on customer service. Ali Moda has the worst customer service I've encountered in a few years from any company. I appreciate them trying to correct the issue I was having, I really do. But, you just don't bombard me with phone calls, emails, voicemails and messages when I tell you I'm not changing the feedback before I get the refund or new hair. 

Just in case you were wondering, NO I did not accept the refund or the new hair. I want nothing else to do with them quite honestly. 

Overall rating: 4/10
**I have a few pictures up on my Instagram ( tyeshee ) if you want to see this hair curled, straight and in it's natural wave pattern.

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