Sunday, March 23

Product Review: Pantene Truly Natural Hair Deep Conditioner

I don't know what made me buy this product actually..Yeah I do. Impulse buying. It was on sale at Walgreens when I got this though, so I bought this and got the Co-Wash 50% off or something like that (I don't remember what the exact sale was). I've used one Pantene product that I can remember, and it was a shampoo so it was nothing spectacular. It stripped my hair when I needed it to be stripped. This deep conditioner right here tho?! MAN.

Deep Conditioner

Pantene responds to your hair's structure to help bring out the beauty that's yours alone.  Pantene's Truly Natural Line is a line of products designed to help manage your natural hair.  Pantene knows that your hair has a unique structure with distinctive twists and turns so hair can knot and be unmanageable.  Pantene's oil-enriched Truly Natural Conditioner moisturizes and detangles natural hair.  The Pro-V formula leaves hair soft, shiny and protected from damage.

Massage into wet hair after shampooing.  Start at tips and work toward roots.  Rinse thoroughly. Gentle enough for color-treated hair.

Let me start off by saying that the smell is strong and perfumey. Like if you open your mouth and this is near, you'll probably taste it lol. It doesn't bother me though (for now). The consistency is perfect for a deep conditioner in my opinion. It's not too runny and it's not too thick. The best part about it: it's SO easy to apply and the slip is amazzzziiinnnnnggggggggg. I haven't hit not one knot or tangle while this product is in my hair and I don't detangle before I apply this. For this to be an inexpensive product, I didn't think it would work this well, like at all. I'll DEFINITELY be repurchasing this and will gladly use it until my hair has said "enough". I plan on stocking up on this product because I've noticed that I'm quite heavy handed when it comes to applying product lol.

I would give this product like.. 8.5/10

Wednesday, March 19

Salon Visit

I wasn't originally planning on going so "soon", however, my last trim was in June of last year. I was supposed to get another one in December, but of course, I never get trims when I'm "supposed" to. Unfortunately, there was a death in the family and I had to travel out of town for three days last week and I just didn't have the mental or emotional ability to do my hair.  I always make sure that my hair is in a style that will last when I have to go out of town.. It's so much of a hassle having to keep track of all of the products and stuff that you need.

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but, I've been going to a new salon for my trims. (If I haven't mentioned this before, I got a wacky chop at my old hair dresser when I was in high school and I haven't let her near my hair with scissors since then lol). She washed, conditioned, blow dried and flat ironed my hair.. She also did a Saran Wrap (I think that's what it's called) where you wrap your hair then wrap it with Saran Wrap and sit under the dryer for like 10-15 minutes. It was a very interesting experience saying that I've never gotten that done before. 

Needless to say, after all of that was done, I'm back to where i usually am when I trim smh. It sucks, but I'm starting to focus more on health over length..  It was needed though because I'm growing out my color and saying that I've been using permanent hair dye, the dyed hair is of course more damaged than the "new growth". 

Now that I've gotten my regimen and products down for the most part, I can really start paying attention to the health of my hair and the length will be an added bonus :) These aren't the best length check pictures, I'm still trying to master those, but it's getting the job done lol. I guess I'll do my next length check mid-June-ish (not on straightened hair). 

Friday, March 7

Tea Rinse Update #1

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that I was having trouble in paradise and didn't know what was happening to my hair or why. I came across multiple posts about tea rinsing, so that's what I'm giving a try. I've only done 2 rinses thus far and I don't think that's enough time for me to really see some results, so I'm just going to post what I've used and how I added it into my routine.

The weekend of February 22, I did my first rinse and it was an interesting, messy, and cold experience.  From what I've read from different natural hair blogs, you absolutely have to follow up with a deep conditioner because it makes your hair hard (and which it did, but it wasn't as "extreme" as a protein treatment). The morning of wash day, I made two cups of tea with two tea bags (so one tea bag per cup) and let it cool. Then, I did my usual wash routine, but I added the tea rinse after the shampoo and before the conditioner.. I sectioned my hair in 4 sections, applied it to my scalp and the length of my hair via spray bottle and rinsed. I made sure to follow up with deep conditioning as well (yay me!).

I've done this now twice and while I can't say that I've noticed a HUGE difference in the amount of hair that I lose during the washing process, I have noticed a bit of change. I'm interested in seeing how this will help (or hinder) my hair progress as the time goes on.

Saturday, March 1

March 2014 Hair Goals

Just as the title suggested, I've decided to get "back" into setting monthly goals for myself. I think I've tried to do this before and failed at it miserably, so I guess I'm going to give it another try.

Spring should be here soon (hopefully, as we expect another snow storm this weekend), so I'm going to slowly start tweaking my products and regimen as it starts getting warmer. I'm sure I'll be straightening my hair soon, although I'm not exactly sure when, for a much needed trim.

Anywho, here they are (in no particular order):

  • Use up at least one product -- (Finished up my first bottle of Pantene Truly Natural Hair Deep Condtioner.. Man I love that stuff)
  • Continue with tea rinses to see if they've done anything to help with my shedding -- (I got lazy and stopped doing them.) 
  • Try at least 1 new style
  • Be more patient and gentle when it comes to handling my hair
  • Take Biotin everyday, and drink plenty of water - I started taking Biotin yesterday (Feb. 27th). My brother had a pretty much full bottle that he paid a pretty penny for and didn't want to waste them, so he gave them to me. So far so good! (I've realized that I don't get headaches if I take these immediately after I eat)
  • Scalp massages at least 3 times per week -- (Again, I got lazy. If I'm not redoing my twists or washing, I try not to touch my hair)
  • Be more consistent with my hair calendar- I started keeping track of what I do and when I do it. It's been helpful so far.
  • Buy no new hair products- Although I'm pretty sure I'm going to need more deep conditioner this month, that's the only thing I'm allowing myself to buy that's hair related (I failed at this..miserably. I bought 3 new bottles of conditioner and a product from Curlz)
  • Progress picture
Do you set any monthly hair goals for yourself? If so, comment below :)

**Instead of making a separate post, I'm going to highlight the successes in green and the fails in red. If I comments, they will be in parenthesis and bolded in black letters.