Wednesday, April 30

May 2014 Hair Goals/Updated June 4th

I just have a few simple goals for the month, nothing to extensive or 'hard".

  • Deep condition with every wash -- With every shampoo I managed to deep condition (I think). I'm starting to transition myself into cowashing for the summer months! 
  • Continue to take Biotin consistently -- I failed miserably. I managed to lose the bottle for like 2 weeks, then I got lazy when I did find it lol
  • Use up one product -- Close but no cigar. Again, I'm in the process of tweaking my regimen for the summer months, and, with that tweak comes a tweak in products as well
  • Use castor oil on edges at least 2x/week -- I didn't really keep track of this, but I know for sure that I did castor oil my edges lol
  • Try one new style and document it -- FINALLY a success! The only problem with this is, I took the pictures with my DSLR and I'm currently laptop-less, so I can't upload them right away -__-
To be honest, I forget about my monthly hair goals lol. I don't go back and read them on here, so it's definitely an "out of sight, out of mind" type situation. This month, I'm writing them on one of my dry erase board so I can have a constant reminder.

Do YOU have any hair goals for the month? If so, comment below :)

Out With the Old, In With the New

A few weeks ago, I was getting ready to get under my soft bonnet dryer for a deep condition session...and it broke. No, not the whole dryer, just the most important part. There's a plastic part on the cap where the hose attaches to it..and that plastic part came off. Because that plastic part came off, I've been having to literally hold the the hose so that the air filters into the cap.

Ionic Soft Bonnet
That open space in the middle of the bonnet is where the plastic piece fell off. 
Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer

Not only is that a pain in the butt, but nobody has time to be browsing the web with one hand because you have to hold this hose to your head. Because it was a Vidal Sassoon product, I emailed them and asked if they still made replacement caps or if there was a similar product that they had that I could purchase. The dry customer service representative, whoever it was, just said "No, we don't make that product anymore". I could have sworn I asked two questions and only received an answer for one. I'm very big on customer service, so I doubt I'll be buying anything else Vidal Sassoon related.

Long story short, I told my mom and she bought me a new soft bonnet hair dryer earlier this week! Can we say how clutch she is?! I was going to go to Sally's and buy something, but I haven't had the time to make it out there yet (and I didn't want to have to pay for shipping).
Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer

This Conair dryer is smaller, a lot more light weight and fits comfortably over my head (the Vidal Sassoon bonnet had a string around the bottom of it where you could tighten it if you needed to..but it definitely didn't stay tight). I love this dryer so far.

Saturday, April 5

April Goals (Updated)

Last month, I think I was a bit ambitious when it came to my goals lol, so I've decided I'm going to focus on like 4 or 5 goals this month. Short, sweet and to the point.

1. Take Biotin consistently -- (I didn't take it on an every day basis, but more consistently than last month. This month I was 17/30 and last month I was 11/31)

2. Do a tea rinse every wash day -- (I was only able to do one tea rinse this month. I was pressed for time and I didn't want to do a tea rinse when I did my protein treatment)

3. Limit hair purchases to things I ABSOLUTELY need -- (This month I bought Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie from Walgreens. Shea Moisture products were BOGO 50% off, so I bought 2 jars of that. That was the only hair purchase for the month!)

4. Try one new hairstyle and document -- (I'm absolutely the worst at trying new hairstyles. I'm going to keep making it a goal until I actually do it lol).

5. Drink at least 4 bottles of water every day -- (I didn't drink 4 bottles everyday, but my water intake apps says that I've drank at least 1 bottle of water 23 days out of the month, so that's better than nothing. I think my goal for next month is to drink water everyday regardless of what the amount is).

I'm starting my summer job this week actually, and I'm not sure how long me doing my hair twice/three times a week will last. I've been thinking about a protective style (braids, sew in, or I may try Senegalese twists again). Whatever that decision is, I'm sure I'll be posting plenty of pictures.