Friday, October 3

October Hair Goals/Updated Nov. 1

  • Stop being so lazy when it comes to my hair -- This was the main goal I wanted to achieve for the month. I've definitely been a lot more "attentive" to the locks. 
  • Biotin -- I started during the beginning of the month and fell off  again. I have to take these with food, and I'm more worried about the food than the pill lol.
  • Drink at least 2 bottles of water -- Success for the most part.
  • Trim - search and destroy method. I'm having an issue finding hair shears that aren't like a million dollars. Any suggestions? -- I'm getting a sew in in 2 weeks, and the stylist I'm going to trims the hair before she braids it up.. Um.. thank sweet baby Jesus.
  • Pay special attention to my ends -- I've definitely been paying attention my ends; deep conditioning only my ends every other week, oiling my ends more often.
I think I can manage to meet these 5 goals this month. Do you have any hair goals for the month? If so, put them in the comments below :)