Saturday, January 31

January Empties

As much as I do my hair, I never ever have a lot of "empties", which is kind of weird to me. But, this month, I have 5, so it's been a long time coming.

The only product I don't plan on repurchasing at this point is the Curl and Shine Milk. I still haven't found the right way to use it for my hair, so I figured that it's just not for me, which is totally okay.

Did you have any "empties" this month? If so, be sure to comment below! 

Monday, January 5

2015 Hair Goals

  • Healthy hair first and foremost
  • Retain length
  • Possibly new color using less damaging hair dye
  • Perfect regimen
  • Try more styles
  • Protective styles
  • Experiment with more products to see what really works for me
  • Continue with tea rinses
  • Continue to keep hair calendar
  • BIGGER hair!

Saturday, January 3

January Hair Goals -- Edited Feb 5

First, let me start of by saying Happy New Year! Here's my hair goals for the month of January

  • Biotin -- I think I'm just going to stop  making this a goal lol.
  • Water every day 
  • Baby/pay special attention to my ends -- Since I've trimmed my hair after my sew in, I haven't been paying as much attention to them as I usually do.
  • Monthly protein treatment -- I'm looking to find a different protein treatment. Preferably something that comes in a bottle so I won't have to continue buying protein packs
  • Tea Rinse with every wash -- I've done a few cowashes this month. I've been getting really lazy when wash day comes because I don't want to sit under the dryer or anything else. I have done 2 tea washes this month I believe. 

Do you have hair goals for the month? If so, list them below :)