Tuesday, February 24

Product Review: Aunt Jackie's Knot on My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy

Knot On My Watch Instant Detangling Therapy

Description on front
  • Sulfate free/paraben free/no mineral oil/no petrolatum
  • Softens, helps restore moisture balance, eliminates knots and tangles 
  • Enhanced with Shea Butter and Olive Oil 
  • Instead of fighting your hair, treat it to the silky slip of Aunt Jackie's special instant detangling and moisturizing remedy.  Watch the comb glide through tangles and knots with ease
Description on back
  • Unruly hair, tangles and knots don't stand a chance against Aunt Jackie's Knot On My Watch. It eliminates tangles and returns hair to a healthy moisture balance, while protecting against breakage.  Blended with Shea Butter and Olive Oil to soften and strengthen hair, this fantastic detangling remedy makes daily combing, styling and overall manageability a snap.
Apply a generous amount all over hair concentrating on tangled and harder to manage areas.  Using a wide-tooth comb, gently comb through hair, from the ends upward, unraveling tangles.  Do not force the comb through knots and excessively tangled hair.  Apply more, as needed and comb through small sections of hair until completely untangled.  Style as usual.

How I use:

  • Dry dirty hair (usually after an old twistout)
  • Apply in sections, concentrating on the ends 
  • Let sit for 30 seconds then comb gently from the ends up
Consistency: Running, snot like feeling 
Smell: Fruity
Color: A peachy type color

I haven't gotten around to finding another detangler because I didn't really think I needed it THAT badly. Then, I started losing a lot of hair, so when I seen this in the Family Dollar a few weeks ago, I decided I would go ahead and try it out. The price isn't bad at all ($5.00 normally I think and it was on "sale" for $4.50 when I picked it up). For it to be so cheap, it really does get the job done. I've noticed that I lose less amounts of hair each week after detangling.

The only con: The packaging. I HATE when a product is in a bottle that's hard to squeeze (like the hard plastic bottles). I mean, yes the product has a runny consistency, but I would prefer for my bottles to be squeezeable.

Final Verdict: 8/10
I would repurchase again, but it's not in my top 2 of detanglers. Mane N Tail is number one and Kinky Curly Knot Today is number 2. Aunt Jackie's slides in the number 3 position. 

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