Sunday, August 16

July Color Experience

The color experience I had this time was quite different from all of my other ones. July 8th I removed my protective style (box braids). I did a protein treatment followed up by a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment in order to prep my hair for color. July 13th was my appointment. I got the color, a trim and flat iron.

Now, the color I wanted wasn’t what I received before. The hairstylist I went to, I was under the impression that she was going to mix the color herself because that’s what we discussed maybe 2 months before. The day of, I seen that it was a box color. I’m in no way bashing her, but if I would have known it was going to be a box color, I would have gone and picked up the color myself.

The color was applied, sat under the dryer….all that good stuff. I go to the bowl for her to rinse it out and I’m not sure if it was shampoo that she put in my hair or what, but she said that she had mixed in a little bit of bleach because my hair came out dark. My hair has never been bleached before and my color came out a LOT more vibrant than how it came out this time. It could have been because my hair is naturally dark brown and I had pretty much cut out most of the color except for the front of my head.

All in all, I’m going to wait until my hair grows out some, buy the colors that I originally wanted and possibly go back to the lady that has been dying my hair since I’ve started in high school. I don’t even know what the color is in my head currently because I didn’t get a chance to see the front of the box before she threw it away, she just showed me the color I was supposed to end up with on the side of the box. 


The color I wanted was supposed to be a purplish red color, similar to what I've had before, just with a more purple hue. This is like a sandy brown/reddish color. Am I happy with this color? Not at all. Will I deal with it? For the time being yes. 

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